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  • pythonmagnet2 pythonmagnet2 Jan 28, 2002 1:06 PM Flag

    Please Answer My Questions

    This company seems to have an incredible technology with unlimited potential. Can anyone tell me..

    1. what makes cellemetry better than alternatives; what are the disadvantages? How functional is it to potential end users?
    2. How much does it cost to use?
    3. Is this an emerging state-of-the-art technology or yesterday's news?
    4. What type of fixed costs are involved in maintaining the North American network?
    5. Are there any other companies/ technologies using the wireless control frequencies for this type of system?
    6. How much revenue is being generated from the GE contract. How many locations are being monitored.
    7. What is the split between vehicle monitoring vs. fixed equipment, in terms of 2001 revenue and 2001 new contracts.
    8. Any color on the Verizon relationship?

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    • This is pretty strong stuff. As I stated in a previous post, the analog control channel will be around for at least five more years. I'm pleased to see the NMRX team laying our their plans for the future. This stock will not be a sleeper much longer. Once someone starts coverage on the stock we will be living in the "teens"

    • 1. It was the one developed by bellsouth and tested for years

      2.Commercial to dealer about $12 and as low as $4 in other applications. It depends really on useage.
      3..In the wrong hands yesterdays news. It will be around for about 4 more years before other high speed communications take over. This is very slow and can't handle much data

      4. Quite a bit maintaining hubs and working with cellular companies.

      5. I beleive about 5 or so

      6. ASK EXECUTIVE SALES TEAM ! likely nothing. I see things happening but I hope SN puts in some people with background in wireless. I know so many people who know the crew down here and it needs to be changed.

      7 Cellemetry only passes on information GPS gathers. Probably cost dealer $20. They have as seen in Pr's of the past contracts with tracking companies

      8 Don't know

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