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  • DrangoKid DrangoKid Mar 16, 2012 1:33 PM Flag

    Speaking to the longs on the board...

    since I have the Shorts and Spammers on ignore --
    I don't know about you guys, but I don't know if we can get exited here or not! What do some of you Tech Analysis folks have to say? ( Ouija boards are accepted ) :) Can we relax yet?

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    • your in the wrong sector if you wanna relax.....Didnt you see the percentage hits to mux in the last week or so????your better off buying bank stocks,ive never seen such crooked action anywhere...

    • technically speaking...we are heading lower. I would have to check the chart again but as of last night I think I was looking at 3.70-3.50 area. Im long at 4.72 and not selling. I will buy more under 4 though.

    • I've lost track of the number of threats, lately, from various central banks, to devalue their currencies. The latest was from Brazil.

      While I don't have the stomach to go as far as Eric Sprott (who holds something like 90% of his personal assets in PMs), I think given the above it's quite reasonable to keep some portion of your assets in "hard money". Further, it make sense to diversify at least somewhat into the miners, on the theory that, there, your assets are working, not just sitting in a vault. MUX is one of the more interesting growing miners and, assuming RM sticks around, IMO it's a responsible wager that they'll hit their quite-reasonable target of SP listing by 2015, and further growth.

      If you're not going to put your money to work yourself, you are always going to be risking it on someone else. Bernanke and all have ended the time when you could get 5%+/- above & beyond inflation, through the safety of bonds; that day is gone. So, you've got to look around some.

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      • <Bernanke and all have ended the time when you could get 5%+/- above & beyond inflation, through the safety of bonds; that day is gone.>

        The Fed's objective is to drive up stock prices (except for PM stocks) and try to force down commodity prices while keeping interest rates low so the government can keep the lid on interest expense on the US debt. Savers are punished and 'investors' who hate precious metals because 'they don't pay interest' are willing to put their funds into treasury bonds with a negative rate of return for 'safety'.

        The whole thing is just totally insane.

        My PM sector investments allow me to sleep and night and whether they go up or down on a daily basis I know in the long run they are helping to protect me from the debasement and destruction of almost all paper currencies by the central banks around the world.

        How much longer can they fake this 'recovery' before the monetary system blows up? Its key to always remember that the most important 'tools' in their arsenal are not monetary and fiscal but rather deception and lies.

        As we get closer to production on El Gallo expect some heavy upside action.

    • I look at all the world around me ........ and continue to worry. With MUX I don't worry as much --- just trying to be patient.

      I'm curious to see the close today.

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