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  • mining_phd mining_phd Sep 7, 2012 10:40 AM Flag

    USA is not bombing Iran in September or this year!


    All you experts who keep pounding the war drums on Iran are goof balls. Iran has not attacked any nation in 200 years and does not plan to. the Irgun and Stern gang who occupy Palestine have attacked other nations many times. Some gold longs are just hyping their positions.

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    • Obama is getting desperate. Unemployment is a disaster. The old "tail wagging the dog" crap that Clinton pulled will be revisited and he will attack Iran.....within 6 weeks. War presidents are hard to beat. He knows that. He and Israel will pull the trigger on Iran. Watch and learn. You tax dollars at work.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Iran has not atacked any nation in 200 years??? They haven't had the means to do so, however, they have conducted and sponsored terrorism all over the world, Argentina, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, and they are currently the only thing holding up a violent dictator in Syria. I'm not arguing about morals and it has nothing to do with gold, but I am looking at reality. If you think the US is evil then think again about how many other countries would offer military protection to the entire middle east at the expense of its tax payers while not plundering them for their oil. We pay market price. Hell, we didn't even get any good contracts out of Iraq. The majority went to the peace loving Frenchies that haven't been able to defend their own country for the last 100 years. Wake up dude. Iran is controlled by religious fanatics that believe that their hidden Imam is going to return and wipe all chrisitans, jews, hindus, sunnies, athiests, etc. off the map. Besides, my country, and my kids have gone into so much debt to have the mightiest and, yes very arguably, most morally righteous military on the planet in human history that I wouldn't mind seeing it put to good use.

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      • "BRAVO" ccelis24, ...

        This is not about Iran ATTACKING other nations, ... its about Iran's roll within our Internationale Community, .. unlike the Great Persian People of Iran, ... the Iranian Government is Evil and Destructive to Middle East security and also to the majority of the western countries, I dont link Gold to Iran directly, ... Gold is a safe haven for the International public population, ... when they feel fear and anxiety, they look for monetary security, .. its a natural human reaction.

        Gold will go up higher and quicker and stay longer at higher levels on international conflicts just as it would on the economically unstable monetary issues we deal with these days here in the US and around the world!

    • I'm not sure you can blame gold longs for the hype. Seems like the President of Iran just won't keep telling the press about his plan to "Wipe Israel off the map." If I were an Israeli, there is NO way I'd agree that Iran having nukes, when the Iranian President is shouting out his promise to kill all the Jews, is a good idea. If the Israeli's bomb the Iranian nuclear facilities I will understand, and agree.

      As for Barak Obama, by going against Israel he is cursed. Kinda funny that his party took GOD out of their platfom, and then he was worried about lightning strikes. Later the Dems broke their own rules and put GOD back in -- did you see the video of Dem delegates booing GOD?

      Lots of hype is out there. None should be blamed on gold longs.

      I like MUX a lot. None of their mines are located in the Middle East, and that's a good thing -- not hype.

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      • you people are something...attack no attack...the zionist jews are playing the fiddle and you eat the noise hook line and sinker...the jews want to control
        all central banks...iran not in their control yet....americans just remember who killed jesus...not the arabs,the romans said we find this man innocent,,its on you the jews.....just more thing israel has a mother load of nucl weapons.....of course iran wants some to balance the lets get back to mux....

      • ("As for Barack Obama, by going against Israel he is cursed. Kinda funny that his party took GOD out of their platform, and then he was worried about lightning strikes. Later the Dems broke their own rules and put GOD back in -- did you see the video of Dem delegates booing GOD?")

        Good comments scrudge443 and good observations, ... a totally agree with your view.

        This guy keeps putting "Foot in Mouth" at every turn. The Christian population in America has had it with this inexperienced waiter. He has weakened our overall position around the world and our enemies are mounting, and now he's turned his back on the only true Democracy left in the Middle East.

        Everything he's done has weakened our over-all long term progress and strengthen, ... which has in turn, ... benefited the Islamic positions around the world.

        Thanks for sharing your political view, and by the way, ... these political decisions and choices, our politicians make, effect everyone in and out of the world monetary institutions, including Gold, Silver and the US$.


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