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  • the1stockman the1stockman Sep 22, 2012 11:32 AM Flag

    My answer to your question.

    Guidoaz, ...
    ["hey stockman nice move....did you see the 9 million share day today....what do you think.....???"]


    Hello Guidoaz
    As I’ve been saying, …

    … Wall Street is a rigged playing field and Yahoo has made it even more of a handy cap for us smaller investors by totally taking our URL capabilities way, even a Yahoo approved chart would be a useful tool.

    I’ve not been able to find a financial website that confirms the 9.2 million shares traded on Friday.

    I went to several sites that allow you to view charts all the way down to a 1-minute scale and none of them confirmed anything more than 4,484.817, they were all within this ball park, why it says 9.2 I don’t know, unless some naked shorts passed through with eyes closed.

    Looking at the Daily Short Interest Ratio, it’s actually up slightly from Thursday, (0.223 to 0.448) this says that some shorts added positions and it could have been done in the last 15-minutes of trading, the last 10-minutes saw volumes that would equal over 1.1 million in a flash.

    Out of that 4,484,817-million … 2,389.014 printed in the last hour of trading, that hourly bar is red.

    These hourly volume numbers will vary slightly from site to site.
    1st hr=311,993
    2nd hr=511,777

    Last 15-minutes=1,763,937

    Last 5-minutes=781,423
    319,048-broke even=blue bar, ... which is the last bar of the day.

    I did the math on Barchart,Stockchart and Freestockchart, they were all with a % or two of each other.

    All that I can say is some fishy activity took place in the last 5 to 12 minutes of trading on Friday and it ran up to the day’s high of $4.81 … then back down to just about where it was before this crazy action took place. I sold 90% midday and due to a distraction, I was unable to set up my GTC orders in before this event took place, needless to say, THEY ALMOST GOT ME!

    Now I wait to see how it runs next week, I hold just 10% for the time being.

    Good Luck Guidoaz, I hope its working Well for you.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • dcpayne1 Nov 1, 2012 9:50 PM Flag

      The1Stockman, first response to your posts and your expressed concern for Free Men and Free Markets, I share them with you. Do you understand why weapon sales are rising 20% annually.. why Sturm Ruger reports record earnings.. why Smith & Wesson Holdings has risen to 52 week highs? I do. I suspect you do, as well. Visit 321gold and read Richard Russells comments on gold and silver. I take him seriously, he has made a lot of people .. an awful lot lot of money.. for a very long time. I do believe things are about to get interesting. Very. Imagine what a trillion dollars invested in the American electrical grid might have accomplished in jobs, infrastructure, safety, and resistance to foreign attack. I do. We got defunct wind and solar and crony capitalism. Now, we got our silver and I'm down with that. dcp

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      • Hello Dcpayne1,

        Thank you for your reply to this thread, I do very much understand whats going on not only overseas such as the Middle-East (Arab Spring), but also China, Russia, Sudan, Yemen, Israel/Iran, Syria/Lebanon but even more so here in the United States. If we dont change course soon, ...we will be directly and deeply involved in our own demise. Richard Russell is an outspoken leader in the PM industry and his warnings are true and evident.

        We have fallen very far behind with our National safety and productivity, ... somehow we have fallen at least 5-years to the rear.

        Ruger can’t keep up with demand, ... it had to suspend new orders after taking in more than 1 million gun orders in the first three months of the year alone, ... and this year’s uptick comes on top of the record of 2011, when nearly 11 million firearms were sold in the U.S.

        Its hard to trust our Government.

        Take care and try and stop by Silicon Investors MUX board or the Technical Analysis board both under Gold/Mining/Energy.


        Coming to a Theater NEAR YOU!

        Sentiment: Buy

    • James-- Excellent post. I miss your comments over on the URL link-friendly SI site -- as do almost everyone else on the board. And thanks again for your kind note.


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      • ["James-- Excellent post."]

        Hello Beamthere,

        "Thank You" for the recognition, I appreciate you taking the time to express your opinion.

        I no longer hold any MUX Beam.

        In the post titled "GOLD" from Friday, Sept 21st, I disclosed the sale of 90% of my MUX stock that day and on Monday, ... the remainder 10% filled at $4.50. My plans were to set GTC orders but I became uncomfortable with Gold & PMs action late last week.

        The Gold Chart I emailed you from SI's-email tab is playing out nicely, the cup is complete and the handle is forming and could be complete soon "IF" this is what it is, ... there is however one thing that could hold me back from buying back-in once the Rights Offering rules are announced, ... and that is, ...

        ... if Gold falls too and is not able to recover convincingly from its 20-day EMA @ $1,734.

        I do expect it to at least bounce off of it regardless if it drops a tail below it or not, the low $1,700 is still in play short-term.

        ~News, Geopolitical events and overall sector news could divert any situation overnight~.

        This is the first time Gold's MACD dropped a bar below -0- since July 25 and the 26' 12'-day lines (divergence-lines) dropped below the 9'-day today, the next two-days will give us a good clue if we bounce back from here or drop yet low, ... possibly to the $1,700.

        I will be buying back-in with both hands once MUX's management announce the Rights Offering rules and if Gold is successful at testing the 20-EMA or the lower $1,700 range, which ever level survives this minor correction.

        Regarding MUX,

        I mentioned the (4.40 +- a few) in the [A 6¢ Intra-Day Down-Gap] post from Sept 20th, ... I see it closed at $4.43 on (yesterday) Tuesday, which was also its low for that day, ... and today it dropped pretty hard right down to MUX's 30-day 60-minute 200-day EMA which is at $4.25 and it also dropped below the 20-day ($4.37) for a short time but recovered.

        Today was a nice quick profit for anyone that bought-in at the 60-minute 200-day EMA @ ($4.25) ... congratulations to anyone that did, ... I was on the job so I missed it.

        So far, ...MUX managed to run above the $4.75, which is one of the areas we talked about on SI around three weeks ago, ... the next area was to be the $4.96 but it never made it, ... reversing in the mid $4.80s and running back down to the $4.75 and failing, ... also failing to hold the $4.66 which was another level that played out to the cent a couple of times in the past two weeks.

        The US$ gained some ground this week, .. its touched its 20-day EMA today.

        Anyway, ... MUX needs to close above the $4.50 in order for the WEEKLY chart to continue its positive trend higher, its made 9-weeks of continues weekly highs, ... it barley continued the trend last week when it close only 1¢ above the prior weeks close from $4.68 to $4.69.

        The 50-day EMA crossed above the 200-day EMA early this week, all three EMA's are now in a positive Bullish formation, ... the only thing that's concerning me at this time is the Rights Offering, I hope they announce something soon, .. One way or the Other!

        I am hoping it will trade aggressively and openly once they issue all the holders their allotments and I'm sure many will buy and sell within in the time-frame they choose, I hope to buy back at lower levels.

        I will pass on any news I find on MUX to the board.

        Good Luck to Everyone!


        Its really too bad that Yahoo took away our URL capabilities.

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