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  • pulpcutter_1 pulpcutter_1 Nov 19, 2012 11:07 AM Flag

    Volatility is your free leverage...

    I'm swiping the quote from Stephen Thomson. If you find an stock that you think has good long-term prospects, and who's price is volatile - and MUX in my opinion qualifies on both counts - you can do pretty well with a simple RSI-based "buy low, sell high" trading approach. I take my profits in MUX shares, and have been able to build a pretty nice position. WARNING: I am not an investment professional, I am some idiot posting on an obscure Internet site. Do your own due diligence.

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    • PULPCUTTER I find that trading on the DIRECTION of the 5sma,on a 5-day chart is very helpful.
      I use other ta,but the 5sma has been my best of breed indicator,for any stock.

    • harvey organ say's the cme just lowered margin requirements for gold and silver, gold almost 20% and silver almost 10%. says this is curios, so do i. my take,the fat cigar smoking banksters are luring more traders in ,funny, no take down today at the useul time.fat belly banksters probably all on vacation this week and going to let gold and silver run this week,hoping that you think this is the big run ,than the smack down monday? maybe , maybe not, it's all just a game to steal your money, i never sell on thier smack downs

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