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  • babyfat101 babyfat101 Mar 6, 2013 11:23 AM Flag

    What just happened?


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    • Ever go fishing? Worm on hook, lead weight to keep it where fish are at, cork holding the whole thing up and being the "tell" that the bait is being taken? Ever have a day where the scent of fresh worm just isn't doing it, and you have to resort to agitating the cork by hand to literally wave dinner in front of the fishies?

      That's what just happened. Big hands way above us want/need fishies to start focusing on PMs & miners. Just waiting for it was getting boring, and in fact they've killed so many fish in this particular pond recently there becomes a danger all fish will swear off PM worms. They're not quite done with their need for fish. So today the worm looks mighty fine rather than rancid like yesterday, and last week.

      Goal is same. Need fresh marks to have over for dinner; and yes they actually end up *being* dinner.

      Media reason for move, whatever it is, will be asinine. Sun rose, and PMs soared! People were hired/fired, and PMs soared! Somebody died/was_born, my cat barfed up on the carpet, bla bla bla. They are pretty good at seeing correlation, but are completely clueless that correlation and causation have different spellings for a reason.

    • Rob is speaking today at PDAC . This stock went down too far for no reason but it is VERY capable of rising significantly as well for no reason. This is the history of this stock, I've come to expect it. Our job is be prepared.

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