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  • the1stockman the1stockman Mar 15, 2013 5:29 PM Flag

    MUX is starting to perk-up!

    I'm surprised on how much spam is still getting through, I thought Yahoo added all kinds of filters to keep the spammers away, instead they took our ability to post web-based Technical Analysis away. Such a shameful thing they did!

    Seems all's the same here, the usual Bears, Rob McEwen, MUX haters, .... still slamming the loyal share holders around, as if they know any more then anyone else, ... lol, its too bad they got so deep underwater, would be nice if they would just sell and go away, many have left here over the months and years due to some of these obnoxious loud mouths, lets see if any respond to this post, showing us who they really are.

    I still trade the pivots and gaps but mostly hold MUX, I added many more shares near the lower pivot at $2.15, only got a partial at $2.15 but got plenty from $2.20 on down to it. I dont think I'll have another chance to buy more at those levels, its up over 20+ right now and has been up above 30+ till just recently, ... the best one might do is just below $2.50, if that!

    On the next R/O, I will load up just like I did on this past one.

    We have a nice clean board over at siliconinvestor under Technical Analysis, you can find me and many others that once posted here over there. Its an open forum and MUX is the top holding, gold is a heavy subject, we chart MUX, Gold, the U.S$, and anything else one brings to the table.

    I welcome all of you to join us (Bull&Bear), ... if and when you have some time, no membership required to read you can also find the MUX board under the "Gold Mining Energy" section, ... some very good knowledgeable folks talk exclusively about MUX.

    Best to you all, have a Safe and Great weekend and GO MUX, .. its a TOP PERFORMER, ... it leads the Large-Caps consistently.

    I'm very Bullish on MUX and Gold.


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    • Yeah. It sure is percolating! I see now. It's A #$%$ Mr. Coffee maker!

    • Hello James, I hope all is good with you and the oil business. I rarely have the time or bandwidth to say much, still on my learning curve. Therefore I always appreciate knowledgable posts like yours, both here at yapooh and at SI. Just wanted to say hello! Steve

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      • Hello Steve and Thank You,

        Good to hear from you, things are going well with the business, cant complain too much, Obama's certainly not helping us small business owners any.

        I drop in to read from time to time, ... seems not much has changed here, I'm still working hard over at SI, trying to share what technical and fundamental information I can on MUX and related issues, stop by when you can, its free to read.

        Its good to see MUX on the move, ... (the other way for a change), ... were going much higher in week and months to come.

        Take care my Friend,


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    • Expect a slight pull-back in days ahead, .. possibly down to the $2.92 and if that gives way, ... a run back to $2.75 would not break this positive technical move higher, we could actually still move Yet higher before pulling back a bit.

      I posted some charts over at our SiliconInvestors stock board explaining why, its under my screen name and (Technical Analysis), your more then welcome to come and freely read.

      And for MUX, ...
      Looking up, ... we filled the $3.02 today, look for $3.14 next, ... the challenge will be at the $3.27.

      My target for the intermediate term is in the $3.48/54 range, ... which could come much quicker if Cash-Gold starts to make big moves, which is quite possible, it only gained around $8.00 today, ...which is still good but just imagine how the miners will take off if Gold was to start moving violently higher!

      Remember all these numbers, .. they are technically very accurate.

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      • The $2.75 has just filled, ... here is my call on the 21st. W filled the $2.92, ... ran back up only to return and fill the $2.75 this morning.

        Mar 21, 2013 5:46 PM
        Expect a slight pull-back in days ahead, .. possibly down to the $2.92 and if that gives way, ... a run back to $2.75 would not break this positive technical move higher, we could actually still move Yet higher before pulling back a bit.
        End Quote.

        If you've been looking at the charts I post over at siliconinvestor's TA site, you will see that MUX has another area of "Technical Interest" at the $2.60/61 area.

        I've been partially in cash, waiting for these events to play-out, ... still waiting to see if we violate the $2.75 before I reenter.

        Long-Term? Very bullish on MUX.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • We hit the lower end of our projection this afternoon. I pointed out a drop back to the $2.92 was in play yesterday, we hit $2.91 late this afternoon.

        MUX made another attempt to break above the $3.04 today but failed. A drop back to the $2.75 area is now in play, if you look at the 1-day intra-day chart, you will see heavy selling volume at the close.

        If MUX does drop down to the $2.75 and fails to hold, ... we have a 1¢ gap at $2.60/61.
        Much of course will depend on Cash-Gold and market conditions, and we've seen how that effects our stocks.

        I posted the MUX chart updates over at siliconinvestor if your interested in taking a peek, if you dont know how to get to silicon, ... email me at my screen name followed by yahoos ending and I will provide the link.

        A safe and Great weekend to all!


      • I'm afraid it's much simpler than seem to think. MUX follows gold.g

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