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  • kayvon50 kayvon50 Nov 22, 2004 8:54 PM Flag

    Insiders are buying again

    Insiders bought last week (11/18/04).
    This is one of them so far:

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    • Tobin is smoked

    • <<< I look forward to going to bed each night with my wife, and I wake up happy.>>>

      On that note, a collegue asked me 2 questions about my wife and he laughed at my answer. I cannot understand why. Following are the questions and answers.

      QUESTION: Dave , to you talk to your wife after sex

      ANSWER: Well sure. If there's a phone around!!

      QUESTION: Dave , do you smoke after sex?

      ANSWER: Don't know. Never looked.!!!

      Enjoy the laughs. We took a kikin' with PQUE but we're still tickin'.

    • did you taste it yet?

    • Been marrried over 20 years, the first couple of years were rough. The last 17 have been a blessing. Three children Boys 17, 15 and little girl of 5. I have coached little league, basketball and been an Assistant Scoutmaster. The best years of my life, doesn't get any better than that. I look forward to going to bed each night with my wife, and I wake up happy.

      Good Luck Marriage is not easy especially in the beginning but it can be rewarding.


    • I promise you she will see that line!!!!

      Putting my fiancee's name and phone number on the net.... well at least I would be single again lol

    • <<<I get married in 11 days, I am not sure if I am thankful yet. :)>>>

      Show us your true courage and give us your real name and your fiancee telephone number. I am sure she would be interested to read the above line. LOL

      Happy Thanksgiving and good luck in your marriage.

    • morgan keegan is one out of 7 analyst that is not fund of PQUE. Even Joe from RBC is not bearish on PQUE. morgan keegan was burned by PQUE more than a year ago when it went down ( most companies did) and they may be not forget the past.

    • I do believe this is the time to put all our petty nonsense aside. Shorts and longs, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.
      I get married in 11 days, I am not sure if I am thankful yet. :)
      I have 5k for sale GTC @$6, make my honeymoon a great one guys!!!
      To all you single guys...get married at a resort not in your hometown. More headache and walletache than you need!!!

      Even you Velcro, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    • I agree bronze. I can usually create some arguments of my own to challenge my own thinking (as is the the case with EGY), but I have not been able to come up with a single reason as to why someone wouldn't want to own PQUE at these prices.

      If you'd like to read a bearish view that has no legs to stand on then go to petroquest's homepage and click on reserach. The 11/03/04 report by morgan keegan presents some bearish reasons for pque.

      The reasons the site to be careful are DDA and LOE costs are trending higher and Cash operatin margins have declined to $4.19 per mcfe from $4.33 despite increase realizations from commodity prices.

      They also site liquidity issues in 2005 b/c they claim that the company will spend 80 million in 2005 (latest cc says around 60 million) and that they only project cashflow of $60 million in 2005 even though they've already had cashflows of $46,163,000 in the first 9 months of 2004.

    • <<<We are going to make some more green off of this one to put beneath the christmans tree.>>>

      Amen to that. But what we really need on this BB is a few, well informed bears so as to challenge our thinking. I hate when everyone is of same mind. Makes me suspicious. If it was so easy, then how come the whole world is not buying in?

      We need a well-reasoned CONTRA-ARGUEMENT to keep us on our toes.

      No, not you Velcroid. You are too special for us all.

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