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  • wright.tom64 wright.tom64 Mar 11, 2010 9:23 AM Flag

    If the world economy

    is finally beginning a mending process ( I am not yet sure it is), I think we can look back with pride in the company's admin and workers noting the progress in a truly difficult economic environment that they have made. We, as shareholders, are part of a company with good products and rising awareness of those products beginning to spread. I am optimistic.

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    • Nowhere!

      I thought I was the speculative idiot. But remember one thing: I can write in complete, gramatically correct sentences.

      What is your connection to the company? It almost sounds like you're a member of the BOD. If you're about to receive some stock options, your statement regarding a depressed stock price being good for you makes some sense.


    • my opinion of you has not changed,
      you're speculative idiot.

      you make up negative stuff because you sold your shares.

    • nowhere, I must apologize for referring you as an ASH a while back. I was wrong you're a moron.

    • "some fund" cannot own this stock with this nasdaq notice
      hanging over the co.s heads, it is in there prospectus, BAHAHAHAAHAHHA, wouldn't it be HILARIOUS is some other co. was going to take over CYAN, went through the prospectus of that fund
      and found the clause, BWHAHAHAHAHAa.
      When will the shares stop falling? or when will it be resolved?
      Either the moment a new director is chosen, HOPEFULLY the day before the nasdaq deadline in which a new director is required.

      I love this situation!

    • Of course, it does not do that. Quite the opposite.

    • Makes me wonder, also why let a personnel matter now require a Nas warning letter, how does that help confidence in the general management? no position yet.

    • Any company that doesn't have the "BALLS" to tell their shareholders why they released their CEO/President regardless of the reason shows me that this is why the share price did nothing for 12 years. Can you imagine a company where the insiders didn't buy any shares when the shares were selling below a buck/share in 2007?

    • It has NOT been a good company in the past.

      This company is somewhat in the "idealist granola cruncher" camp.

      Historically, it has never proven that it can sustain either growth or even profitability until the past two years. The recent management change undermines much of the credibility that had been gained from the past two years.

      Only a continuation of the recent trends in growth and profitability will restore that credibility. Until then, we are in a holding pattern.

      That said, the reason I have paid attentio to this company for as long as I have (on the order of 12 years or so) is that I like the idea of algae products. It is intuitively pleasing.

      At any rate, the recent events are not cause to "give up hope" only to "raise doubts." Big difference.

      At the end of the day, you will make $$$ if the company maintains its footing and you buy at a good valuation.

      Probably I won;t post here for a while after thus absent news from the company or some notable market action in the stock.

      All JMHO


      • 1 Reply to alexalekhine
      • Depends how far back in the past you go alex ;-) But to get back to where they were over 10 dollars a share (where I made the profits I continue to play with) before tanking and reverse splitting a couple of times you would probably have had to own the shares before you got actively involved. You are right about it being kind of in the nuts and flakes paradigm with fertilizers and insecticides and pasta but it was a fun ride then and I hope it will be again. I guess calling it a good company would occupy about 15% of its lifespan and boy has it left investors (gamblers) with possible ulcerative tendencies the rest of the time.

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