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  • bhodhe2boy bhodhe2boy Jan 5, 2012 1:37 AM Flag

    $9-$14 more reasonable target

    after the correction the next 50% up will require some help with earnings and production. The window is narrow because others can get in the game if demand raises prices outstripping supply. So stable prices and production increases of asta bears close watching before april.I bought on the dip today after a short term gain last month.definitely harder to make money from here at 7

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    • no further questions -then let's see a little surge for that anticipated market confirmation.

    • 9-14?

      Based on what valuation metrics and financial assumptions?

      How do "competitors" get into the "natural" astaxanthin business?

      Please provide support for your argument, otherwise your post is no better htan listening to somebody fart.


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      • Israel has ponds-cyanobacteria are in nature and can be cultivated. As I stated before in my post in dec.2010 Why isn't this a $15 stock I replied after doing some growth expectations and sales increases in an interactive way with another poster that included the seasonality issues as well as increase production and "pop" status of naturally occurring astaxanthins supplements. With some down ward adjustments came to an $11 target for which I upped to 14 on the high side because technically the stock broke $9 with low float as long as their isnt a large secondary offering for financing further expansion.

      • Hey, AA, you are obviously well read, but it doesn't take an expert to see that the movement of this stock does not follow conventional technical patterns. It is so thin that panic and greed run the ship. I've used a few stupid analogies in the past: lemmings; rats jumping off a ship, etc. going down and people jamming the doors of a subway, going up. I think it was you who pointed out that at the end of a day a couple of weeks ago this stock jumped 50 cents or so on only a couple of thousand trades. I think opinions are probably as valid as analytic reason for CYAN. It's the same stock that was over $9 two weeks ago.

      • I have to post again:

        "Earnings could attain $.75 a share. Applying a P/E multiple of 20x suggests a target price of $15 a share, potential appreciation of 80% from the current quote."


        Pay attention to the CAPITAL STRUCTURE (9/30/11) table at the end of the article.

9.42-0.180(-1.88%)Apr 17 3:54 PMEDT