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  • skyhighonsemis skyhighonsemis Jul 11, 2002 4:19 PM Flag


    regarding Japanese competitors, (notably Tokio Electron), they have NOT gained market share successfully against EGLS. Egls has the most design wins and is better equipped for 300mm than it's competitors, IMHO. And, you are inaccurate if you deem me a long term buy and holder: I buy low and sell high, period. Semis are PERFECT for this. I would not 'buy and hold' these companies for a long-term(over 2 year) horizon, and expect to not get KILLED when the tide turns negative. My main point is that this is as bad as sentiment gets, and historically anyone buying at the nadir(the hardest thing to do) will be richly rewarded. I have NEVER lost money on an investment with EGLS(often doubling or tripling my money within 18 months, short or long) and their still-strong balance sheet places them in a different category than ones with more debt(KLIC, eg) FSII, EGLS, GGNS, SMTL, COHU, And even AMAT are all at or approaching substanial lows in the trough of this cycle. NO ONE IS GOOD ENOUGH TO PREDICT THE BOTTOM. (quote from Marty Whitman, First Ave. Funds) Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I appreciate your dialogue. Kind regards, sky. PS UP TODAY.

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    • Please MORON - I know more than you think or you do. I also know my sexual preference is none of your business but I am more heterosexual than you ever will be.

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      • Dogface �

        Sky has been on this message board for quite a few years. His opinion is respect by those of us that have a clue in life. While he may not be a disgruntled - laid off employee such as yourself, he might just have something to teach you if you open what little brain that you may have.

        While you try to make us believe you know the ends and outs of probing, you probably don�t have a clue of where the platen is on a Prober. While Sky may or may not know about platens, ring carriers, Inspection, Knights, etc�.he does know a good investment when he sees it. He also knows that this message board is for intelligent use only. And believe it or not some of us DO want to see his message.

        So while you apparently are too closed minded to understand that people are using this board to help others, you are missing out on the big picture. If you do not like EGLS stock go somewhere else or leave your opinions at your mobil home.