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  • tracycai tracycai Sep 7, 2009 11:32 AM Flag

    Is a spike to $30 possible by Friday?

    You never know. My friend suggested me buying STEC at $20, i didn't buy because it went up from $4 to $20, it is $40 right now and I kick myself not buying any. Never say never, same story could apply to LVS.

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    • Let me ask you these questions (for all)

      What did LVS IPO at in the US?
      When the Venetian Macau came online, how much did the stock rise?
      How many markets did LVS have when this stock went to this price?
      Did LVS increase it's debt during this time of the stock price going up?

      The to the point answer: The LVS Stock went from the 70's to 150's during that period while debt INCREASED in the billions and the Venetian Macau came online. The reason was earning mulitples accelerated. They were also going into 2 markets instead of one.

      This time out they are going into 3 markets. One has a monopoly worth billions of dollars. They are DELEVERAGING their debt in the billions because they have BUILT NON-CORE Assets that will be used in this deleveraging process.

      Finally, the multi-billion dollar properties are now APPRECIATING exponentially making the net valuation of the franchise more valuable. Again, if you buy a 1963 Mustang at 1750 dollars and you sell it today for 82,000 dollars - Did it appreciate?

      This company is about to embark on making billions more and reducing debt in the billions and your buying it at 15.x instead of 70.x !!!!

      Take out Sheldon Adelson involvement for a second and look at the velocity or the inflection calculation:

      Where we are going LVS
      20,000,000,000 (Deleveraged calculation , increased Singapore cash valuation, and Appreciation of properties)
      630,000,000 (Shares - Partially Less SA involvement)
      $31.75 5.5 (CFAsset Multiple of a conservative 5.5)
      174.6031746 (Bottom Line Valuation based on the model of deleveraging and increase flows from Singapore)

      Current Model of LVS (Current Situation)

      $4.76 3

      As everyone can see, the inflection calculation show the real value of this company based not on emotion or speculation but fact.

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