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  • tbeaman_host tbeaman_host Nov 4, 2009 9:50 AM Flag

    Common Stockholders, truth or dare

    That's what the LVS preferred share dividends amounts to. At some point in the future, the Adelsons would have recouped all their invested capital from dividends, and still own the Preferred shares.
    Their ownership will be back to its pre-crisis peak, while still owning all the preferred shares giving them a back door to loot from the company, non-stop.
    It's one heck of a gravy train.

    This tells you how unscrupulous he is. It is not like the company is teeming with cash. They are still trying to sell junk bonds and raise cash to finish development of existing properties. No Other corporation in USA has this corporate governance where the chairman/ceo helps himself to the corporate kitty for cash while the company is hurting for cash.

    WYNN had better earnings but did you see WYNN announced special dividends just so he alone could profit ? or Kerkorian of MGM?

    This Zionist fascist spent $3Mil to topple a democratically elected Israeli Prime Minister just because he did not agree with Olmert's wish to seek peace with her Arab neighbors. Now's he has installed a hawk, Benji to bring more bloodshed to middle east.

    The man is a menace to society and makes Madoff look like Mother Theresa.

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