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  • thekindaguyiyam thekindaguyiyam Aug 6, 2011 2:22 PM Flag

    No one else has said this so I will

    The end of Social Security and elimination of medicare = death

    The ending of OIL subsidies may result in higher oil prices, but will give incentive to get out from under the thumb of our enemies who sell us the oil and fund terrorists.

    It's a no brainer if you have any compassion or are not looking forward to mom, dad, family and friends dying early because the values of the wealthiest country on earth care more about the cost of moving around in their automobile that a premature death of someone they love.

    ENTITLEMENTS is a word used to disassociate the consequences of death and starvation to those who paid into the system their entire working lives.

    What has big oil done for you besides squeezing every penny they can from the consumers... much like the TEA PARTY who defends them.

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    • I dont thnk a lot of the tea party or republicans realize that of social security wasnt around, they would be responsible for mom and dad's arrangemnts and medicine

    • mgisshort thanks. but let's drop it here. life is a story. some are longer than others. I never give up. best to you.

    • The Tea Party does not defend big oil. The Tea Party is about reducing the size of the federal gov and all the entittlements that are breaking us financially. We currently have 25 million foreigners in our country getting social security who never put a dime in the system. Just about every entittlement program out there is tracked back to funds borrowed from Social Security. What is causing all the issues is last year was the first year when Congress had to pay back IOUs to Social Security in real money they had borrowed. While SS shows it has plenty of money on the books, the reality is the "money" being counted is in the form of IOUs.

    • thanks MB for that. Also for serving and the many contributions you efforts you provide in DD and observation. It's appreciated.

    • Although i do not find you hopeless, i really do not want to try to re-educate you.I do not have a distain for education.Only for students who do not have the ability to question and develop their own ideas. Many of your statements are straight from the DNC talking points.

    • Stop going abroad to kill people in other countries and let the military help people in this country. Farming, security, disater relief, protect our borders, medical help, and the list can go on and on. Then watch and see what politicians really love the usa. There would be a mass exit becouse most of them aint worth the powder to blow them to hell. In my opion the only way out of this mess is to march on washington surround the place and hold them hostage for a change. People on this board can talk all the bs they want, were as in my opion they only try to out talk one another I guess it makes them feel better than the next guy. Common sense is the only way out of this mess. Our leaders are nfg period. Soon as kennedy died what a year ago the rep turned on the dem with full force they want to make obama look as bad as they can or hes in for another four. Oh ya um the guy that has hated bush from the day he entered the white house. The worst and dumbest prez. Ever! But like cramer says whats behind us dosent matter its whats ahead that we should focus on. Close the boarders get our military home and deal with this BIG MESS. Thats my story and um sticken to it.

    • reduce the argument to politics of who you think i am. You have no clues... just as you discount education. You think, by your comment, that education is a bad thing. Try Ignorance. At that you are spectacular. Greenies? libs? You are a joke man. Anything that saves energy is good for getting away from oil dependence; but to you that's a bad thing. Got news for you dumbass... both republicans and democrats and even independents recognize that "energy" is expensive. A reasonable response is to explore alternatives, diminish waste, increase gas milage, develop improved battery cells and LED's. Less energy use helps.

      Argue with that stupid human. You sound like one of them tea party people who like palin and thinks she is just as smart as you are. Your blind comment though subtle about education being a brainwasher is the opposite of it being a brain expander.
      Some people educate themselves and do a good job of it... you on the other hand treat education like a disease and it reflect your ability to comprehend the depth of the situation you attempt to argue.

      No more exchanges with you. you are a waste of my time.

    • I am not lonesome.LOL I'm married and have four children and five grandchildren. I am a nice guy most of the time. I've always been a hard worker. The last business I owned was a video chain along the Misssissippi with stores from Hannibal Missouri to Cape Girardeau Missouri. It did in excess of a million in retail sales per year. That was $2 at a time. For anyone who wants to check it was rated by Dunn and Bradstreet after 1994 if my memory serves me. It was called Village Audio And Video. Now I am retired and do have too much time on my hands like I have posted many times. Maybe I should slow it up? I can see how kindaguy would come to his conclusions... I talk with everyone. No person is all bad.You give respect sometimes you get it back. Doesn't mean they are friends or that I agree with them. LOL

    • Social Security was never intended to pay people for 20 years. When it was started people only lived to be about 68 years old. SS was designed to just get people that couldn't work anymore some income until they died a few years later. Today people live to be 85 or 90. The Social Security system needs be changed to reflect modern actuarial tables for longevity.

      To fix this I would suggest a phase in to reflect the modern life expectancy. Anyone 65 now and next year gets the current deal. Anyone 64 has to wait until they are 66. Anyone 63 has to wait until 68. Anyone 60 - 62 has to wait until 70. Everyone else has to wait until 75.

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      • would you like to be the one who signs the bill according to your numerical / statistical recalculation of who gets medical insurance and who doesn't? The names of 10's of thousands of people who have paid in will not be happy be cut out resulting in no insurance.
        This will result in death. More death = a better economy. Just get rid of anyone who isn't making it @ Eighty. Why not make crackers out of them to feed the starving population as in Soilent Green. When one's years reach 60 why not just neutralize them?
        We can do the same with those who are handicapped, or diseased, or young or stupid. You Decide, Since you have the answers.

        I understand the SS was never designed for he length of longevity that has increased. I don't know the answer myself.
        I'm not that smart. What I do know is that ever little bit helps the economy and to rule out just and fair tax debt for the Oil Companies and GE or any other huge profitable corporation that should be paying responsible taxes will help the debt problem rather than hurt the debt problem.

        Socially, the middleclass is evaporating. Most of everyone I know is in financial hardship. The politics, the blame game, who should pay with their lives and who should keep those cushy golden paracheuts is a matter of values. My values are with the people of the united states of america... not just the rich ones or the corporations who now have by Supreme Court decision the right to give limitlessly to any candadates election even when that candidate lies and deceives to get elected so that they will vote BIG OIL. A drop in the bucket? Apparently every drop counts. Big Oil's drop won't hurt big oil and it won't hurt american. Killing off the old, the young and the sick and the poor will. We are in disagreement on this one.

    • WTF is your point? Who is advocating eliminating Medicare and Social Security? Who gives a crap about the 4 billion in oil subsidies? Big whoop. You want to change the oil subsidies then vote the subsidies out. You have no excuse. Dems controlled everything for 2 years. Obama is "using" that to score political points. Much like his use of class warfare. Millionaires and billionaires, oil companies, and corp jet owners have caused all your problems.

      BTW, I am pretty sure the oil and gas companies get hit with pretty high taxes.

      API also reports: “U.S. oil and natural gas companies pay considerably more of its profits in taxes than the average manufacturing company. In fact, the industry’s 2009 income tax expenses averaged 48.4 percent, compared to 28.1 percent for the other S&P Industrial companies.”

      That's definitely higher than GE, BTW.

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      • wtf is my point? If you don't get my point; you probably have a pointed head. Yes you are right. GE paid Less taxes that EXXON.

        Why would anyone defend the OIL companies?
        and aargilb6 I have to tell you... if you haven't been listening the tea party is a faction of the republican party who outwardly have stated as it's new appointees to congress to intentionally crash the US market to gain political leverage.

        Not too high of a price to pay if you are a short basher and liking the politics of this for your financial gain... but as a human being.. I'd give you a D- You say who is going to dismantle SS & Medicare?! You are a greedy fool. GFYS little man. And when it comes time for your mom or dad to get into the hospital... maybe you'll look forward to their funeral instead. Enjoy the service.

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