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  • johnfox188 johnfox188 Aug 12, 2012 2:46 PM Flag

    Just put JOHNFOX188 on ignore!

    Colt has a talent for making unsubstantiated statments which he knows nothing about..just another creepy lowlife from Canada...wait the Jersey streetpunk will soon post some BS.

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    • This punk has been reported for his republicans to the "ovens" and "furnaces" statement....he is a POS and will have to return under yet another dumb chit name. Yahoo will grab this one once they take action...whats your next name dipstick?

      • 1 Reply to infogather1000
      • Info you crawled back.

        So let's catch up, two days ago you said, "I am a man who believes that gay/lesbians should have a right to marriage, but NO right to the tax and other benefits afforded the marriage of two adult of opposite sex who have the capacity for procreation.

        I am a man who voted for McCain in 2008.

        I am a man who will be voting for Romney this Nov. "

        and when you corrected me about NOT having christian beliefs as the foundation of that statement but, "My beliefs are purely financial and in the interests of the child....period.

        Your attention to the capacity for procreation and finacial& child concerns made me ask, What aabout a straight sterile couple, are then not entitled to the benefits you would deny to a gay couple?

        or is it time for you to put me on the ignor list again?

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