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  • grftt grftt Jan 3, 2013 11:43 PM Flag

    The packed out Gombei border gate

    I have a friend who lives and works in HK, somebody from their Guangzhou office went on a daytrip with his family to Macau yesterday and mentioned the following.
    The trip although saving time on the train was very hectic to travel with his family, the train was also way too packed for thier liking. I hope they add more trains to ferry these people in soon as possible as people will get #$%$ off with all the intense packed trains.....what are they thinking!

    The line at the border gates were also still really busy although adding all the new extra terminals they just opened past few days...... I think the time is now to extend hours at the border gates now or there will be some major riot pending problems.

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    • When bus operators would lower fares so actively we know the LRT is a total success.
      Not only it hauls more people from Guangzhou, also from the north to Beijing.

      I crossed the bordergate at least 30 times in last 3 months.
      Our passports were running out of pages to stamp again.
      How will the situation improve?
      Many ways, it could mean more money investment or , really, minimum 'hardware'.
      As is, the people are quite happy with 40 min clearance for 2 checkpoints.

      For our interest as traders, first let more people come to Macau.
      From a few days of operation, we know the LRT will.
      Next, we need more publicity by the analysts, which THEY ARE, after seeing with their own eyes.

      This CNY in another 4 weeks will be a success story to be told in the future.
      Nothing of sort has ever happened yet.

      LVS to $65-80, may sound 'pumping' but this LRT boost is REAL.

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      • The LRT is making a major difference since opening but the 40 min wait at the border is over a hour at weekends and will be growing longer as the word spreads that daytrips to Macau is definately doable from a lot of outlaying cities..
        The time is now to extend the border gate hours if there is any riot at the borders as crowds become frustrated this will be like a house of cards and I see the govt cracking down on visitation.
        Another thing is providing free ferry from nearby gombei border right to Cotai harbor area and then bussing them in the 2 miles.
        This would really be beneficial to LVS MPEL and ultimately Galaxy as you are bringing them customers to your door step without the temptaion of them staying on the peninsular and would ease the bus line free shuttle currently just over the border at Gombei.

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