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  • uncleho_idiot uncleho_idiot Jan 16, 2013 7:39 AM Flag

    List of Tony aka "Uncle Ho"'s dozens of aliases - incredible - he has over a hundred!

    Nice compilation by thekindaguyiam. This list says it all. Now he believes he's Obama for crying out loud....

    Is it possible for Yahoo to simply ban this idiot from polluting this otherwise informative board?

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • How many aliases does Yahoo allow a user to have? This Tony Dung fellow should receive an award, his only ever award.

    • thekindaguyiyam . May 5, 2012 2:51 PM . Permalink
      looks like to me it's 2 people with all these multiples. No worries eventually something has got to give and these guys who are obviously fakes / liars / thieves will get theirs...

      I see the rick shaw becomes his "REAL" self defending the nasty comment he posted about screwing someone's mother. He can acts like he's shielded now by the lies of tony and davidparkland... but this won't last forever.

      Where is the energy... who is it coming from? Ahhhh these poor souls who call me names but have never met me. All what was exchanged was revealing them. They don't like being shown off in the light of day.
      They wanted to be mysterious while trying to manipulate us. Well this bass all become an attack which isn't hard if you use any 6 =15 aliases at any given time to take down someone who is calling you on your
      immoral behavior. I don't give a ratesass what they think...

      Here they are again... Match the names with when they were originated by one guy or a consortium of a couple of guys playing these boards. Again, it's better to know who you enemies are outright than to have them slowing take you down a road which will ultimately fail for you and win for them... In my opinion..
      these people should be before the courts to defend their outrageous attack on this board.

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