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  • jjnov711 jjnov711 Feb 4, 2013 11:24 AM Flag

    Obama: The Big Picture... Where Do We Stand Now


    Nixon removes USA from gold standard during war. Inflation goes to 20% not long after. This occurs during Viet Nam war and after USA abandons Viet Nam. Nonsense, I think not. Lots of money in the budget for guns and no money for domestic infrastructure and R&D

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    • These post are screwy...not the content, but where and what shows up, some disappear, some don't show up where I put them, etc..! I'll toss this one into the mix somewhere! ha!

      Anyway, in this vein of my "too much negativity" post and my choice to be upbeat on the future, did anybody by chance catch Ron Baron on CNBC this morning a little after 8:00 a.m.? If not, I'd recommend going to cnbc's site and looking it up.

      I am in his camp, 10000%. For anybody that allows themselves to look for opportunity and to bet on the future instead of worrying about today's political bickering and dooms day predictions........the future is so bright, I gotta wear shades.

      As Ron said this morning, investing in businesses really has nothing to do with where the indices are or what the political football of the day happens to be.

      Check the interview out. I am sure bears and politico's will find fault with it, but it sums up what I feel is the correct view of things.


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      • ... and you're right, fortunes_fomula, there's always a bright side. I like Ron Baron as he's one of hundreds of talking heads I take into account monthly... but I disagree that the domestic, U.S. stock market holds much additional upside in our current, stagnant-growth economy where what growth we are mustering is coming from huge, massive amounts of deficit and monetary stimulus rather than serious, foundational capital spending and industrial development.

        Per Cramer's quote, I'm optimistic on emerging market economies right now and plays which would benefit from an eventual QE3 dis-engagement and the resulting steepening of the yield curve.

        But ultimately, every investor has to be concered with what the investing climate will be like once all of these Deficits and Money Printing eventually gets to a flash point. Anyone who thinks we can go on like that indefinately is, in a word, dead wrong...

        ... but like Buffett always says... nobody can "time" it, even though the evenutal outcome is a virtual certainty.


      • The consumers are probably better off now financially than they were around 5 years ago. Most of them have less debt than before. Remember around 8 years ago when everyone was on a spending binge buying everything from real estate to consumer goods such as huge SUVs. I hope they are not using that spending period as a reference standard for normal consumer spending. Unfortunately, Capitalism requires heavy spending in order to keep it going.

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