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  • mrtaxx mrtaxx Feb 8, 2013 4:33 PM Flag



    From my Jan 30th post:

    "This time it's different" "This year is different"... Q4 may not show it but by the end of of 2013 and thereafter LVS should be blasting higher into the stratusphere leaving all the other Casino companies and shorts behind.

    I believe LVS will have a year or several years like 2010 when LVS rocketed higher from the teens to $55.67. "

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    • I think you're looking at the wrong timeframe. Note the pre-crash highs for all the gaming stocks that were (at the time) floating on mostly Vegas revenue. Wynn returned to a price near those per-crash highs. For some reason, LVS has not. MGM is still trying to get in the black, but did survive a death spiral and is now well situated in Vegas and somewhat in Macau, yet it hasn't recovered to anywhere near the top.

      MGM should be $80, LVS should be $140......if Wynn is at $125

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • Not sure what timeframe you are talking about; my point of reference on this post is back to the last cycle run up which was from late November 2011 through April 2012.

        If you were around these boards then, we had heavy allocations of LVS, MGM, WYNN and MPEL... excluding MGM the rest of those companies all had serious revenues from Macau and, in LVS case, MBS... far more than the Vegas portion. Wynn remains comparatively static (did you listen to Steve on the CC? Mostly bizarre memoir rambling about where he spent his youth to me, a longtime follower). And MGM? Still undermanaged, wrong designs, disparate positioning, and Vegas mass centric. Not it...

        My simple point here is that none of those has the positioning that LVS has... only MPEL has excellent posturing, but we are presently only on LVS as noted over time here and on that board.

    • tax,
      no intent to dilute your thunder. LOL

      I love the idea that "that time is different is generally so cliche because it is almost never really "different."

      But LVS is in an absolutely F brilliant position. Longs are lucky to own this company while the street figures out just how amazinly positioned this company is these days.... seriously.

      hedged shorts -- shorts put on by those smart enough to hedge the downside over the last 12 months, now have to be coming off by day... leaving only the blazingly ridiculous and incredibly uninformed -- yes, let's call it rising to stupid -- unhedged short in the SI report for the 1/31/13 report.

      And then, like fresh whipped cream, here now comes affirmation that things are so solid as to footing that mike and the BOD are willing to race into Madrid.

      Unreal that the stock is about to go hyperbolic to the upside and the analaysts didn;t race to be top pf pile increasing their PT and optimism for what is "suddenly" one of the bet growth stories on the street.

      Our new PT is $75 for 2013. getouttheway as this tears the hearts and lings out of the unhedged shorts and roars higher.

      The best part, from a comedy standpoint that is... the dip S short here are going to be closed out in a matter of days. it couldn;t happen to more worthy F heads.

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