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  • goodlookn0101 goodlookn0101 Apr 3, 2013 9:51 PM Flag

    Look At Bloomberg For The Past Three Months~~~~~~~~~~~~Not One Positive Article On Las Vegas Sands, Here's Why

    Mayor Bloomberg (owner of Bloomberg Media) has publicly stated he is an Obama supporter. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing, having run as a Republican, switching to the "independent" side and now an advocate of all things Obama. Look at the news reels from Bloomberg for the past three months as they pertain to Las Vegas Sands, who's CEO is a staunch Republican. Not ONE positive article. Even in the most recent article, the infantile writer refers to hear-say in the most recent trial as "so-called hearsay". A judge ruled it hear-say, not "so called hear-say" as reported by the Kool-Aid drinking Bloomberg journalist.

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    • That's why I do not read nor subscribe Bloomberg. Instead, we should read the finance news from Reuters ... they're a much more accurate and reliable news, and not bias like Bloomberg!

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      • Why hurt yourself simply because you disagree with Bloomberg's politics?
        I certainly agree that if there are alternatives to "buying" anything from him, that that makes sense, but reading a free bloomberg piece online can only help you without helping Mr. Bloomberg. 95% of hollywood movies are cast predominently by political socialists... does that mean you don't watch 95% of movies made in hollywood?

        Same with this board. It has lefties like dab and kinda who offer up useful dialogue without being inconsiderate of those who have opposing viewpoints. I welcome their contributions, and reserve iggy only for the #$%$ with 1,001 alias's.

    • That's been true for quite a long while. The news ticker on bloomberg TV was essentially being used to promote Obama all during the campaign season last summer and fall.

      What isn't clear to me is whether Mr. Bloomberg has actually evolved his thinking in a socialist direction over the past 20 years... or if he has just taken a leftist stance to bolster his popularity as mayor in left-leaning New York City. I suspect the former.

      Steve Wynn's a great example of a "political opportunist"... spews conservative rhetoric publically, but also staunchly supports Nevada Senator Harry Reid, who is a socialist, in order to curry favor with him.


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      • spok...if I am right the wsj is tied to bloomberg and those two k....untie so called reporters that slam sa and are being sued by lvs are tied to the neg news posted all the time. now every day they post corruption #$%$ on lvs news that is not even tied to lvs! SA should just buy the wsj and fire everyon connected, then run for NYC mayor. lol Spok this systematic tear down of lvs has got to stop so we can run where we belong in pps. argh!!

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