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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Aug 19, 2013 9:02 PM Flag

    Message to the LVS Board:


    Most of you know that I traditionally post things that aren't related to LVS infrequently. Today, however, I decided to post a series of WSJ pieces... one, because they are informative, common-sense issues... and 2, because I decided I would like to rile up yahoo's worst and most dis-liked poster: Tony-Osama-Obama-Hussein-whatever-for-the-love-of-pete-he's-calling-himself-at-this-particular-moment.

    It's my desire that I be the person he hates the most here, because I can't see a thing he's saying out here. His zillions of alias's are iggy'd the moment they're created... but I catch a heading now and then that lets me know that I'm achieving my goal.

    For the un-initiated, all this began years ago when Tony made fun of the 911 victims who plunged to their deaths during the world trade center disaster. That is when I put the first of his zillions of alias's on iggy and effectively removed him from the board from my perspective.

    It was hard, at that time, to know that Tony would eventually become the frenzied, psychotic that he now is... posting upwards of 10 or 12 mindless, profanity-laced posts per minute with the sole objective of effectively destroying this board... for those of you who don't ignore him as I do anyway.

    Anyway, hopefully he now hates me so much that he'll leave the rest of the board's constructive posters alone, and spend 24x7 spewing hate toward the one guy who never sees it...

    ... your's truly.

    Have a great evening all. See you tomorrow back on the LVS topic.


    This topic is deleted.
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    • There is life after death.
      from obamahusseinaba
      obamahusseinapi in 30 minutes.
      highest rating? -3

      The real drama queen will now call someone gay.
      Any ideas who?

      Both of these new IDs since yesterday or the day before.
      You have 4 thumbs down and they could all be Tony. Each day
      I look at the boards and each day seemingly there is a new alias
      brazenly stupid with wanting to remain the Alias people hate.

      He's thinks he's the anti christ and has no substance. he requires someone
      to bounce off of to exist ... preferably the more attention he gets the happier he is.
      It's really good not to have his voice added to the noise I'm exposed to on the boards.

      mantra: select his new Alias select all. Hit report: Harassment and then Ignore.
      many seem to be doing this as his replacement Alias names are coming faster.
      the guy is a human hemorrhoid and ya gotta laugh.

      still long. long. long. w/ no plans of changing that any time soon.
      once it passes 61.00 I think we'll see something fun.

      good luck to you and all long investors.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • New virus on the board named "abdul"...

      ... iggy'd without reading.


    • Spok, keep posting, I have Tony and his 75 aliases on ignore as well as many others.


    • Spok:
      Please don't ever let Tony's vitriol and bi-polar rants deter you from posting on the LVS board. Trust me that there are hundreds of us investors who enjoy reading your opinions, commentary, observations and research even though we may not post regularly or always agree with you. Your informative pieces are worth sifting through hundreds of Tony's worthless posts. Continue to hang in there with us.


      • 2 Replies to jr_benz
      • Nobody agrees with everything others say, jr. That's the beauty of diversity. I've had great discourse with liberals here and on other boards... dabahr often comes up with thought-provoking leftist points.

        As far as politics goes, I've often mentioned that I'm not GOP or democrat, and I'm not liberal or conservative...

        ... what I am is a believer in the immense power of Capitalism, and an opponent of the overwhelming amount of Socialism that is ruining the work ethic of America and driving us toward bankruptcy in an ocean of debt and entitlements. People forget that China was a very large and weak economy until the thawing of communism and the introduction of capitalist incentives unleashed the powerful dragon that layed dormant there for so many years.

        Consistent with that, I'm also a believer in many principles that liberals espouse. There are many environmental and social issues that fit that mold... from global warming to equal rights and opportunity regardless of race or gender. I'm proud that we've elected an African American as president... it's just agonizing that doing so meant we had to elect a socialist african american.

        LVS is a company, run by a CEO, that is a showcase of the power of capitalism in most every way. It's an exciting company run by a vibrant, albiet aging, visionary who has unleashed the power of capitalism in an exciting way... employing tens of thousands of people and boosting the economies of LVS's host nations along the way.

        Thx for your kind word, jr. I'll be here until LVS becomes a value-less, momentum play... at which time I'll sell and move on. As much as I like LVS, I would sell it in a heartbeat and not look back, if given a sufficient reason that aligns with my contrarian philosophy.


      • Cult member.

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