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  • blazedhorse blazedhorse Feb 11, 2007 12:23 AM Flag

    PEG ratio

    Someone mentioned they wanted to know the PEG ratio in a recent post. I am not sure if I am right cause my number I got is unbelievable. Can someone correct me if I am wrong. Price/Earnings Growth: simple formula here we go.

    From the earnings PR it states that full year net income is up 393% from the year before. So if we divide the price of 7.17 by 393 we get .018. POINT ZERO ONE EIGHT. Is this right? ;)

    The beauty is that we are working with low numbers. High growth will be strong for the next year by the percentages. Bottom line growing profitability is what Wall Street loves, especially quarter after quarter. I guess we will let the market take where it takes it. Up more than likely for now given the sector and this simple fact............. We are investing in the companies that make the market. In other words the market that makes the market. Hell yeah they are going to be profitable. They represent and secure the very heart of what our society is about. GROWING PERSONAL FORTUNE. ICE, CME, NMX, Nasdaq and all the others: What an incredible bull market with more new and old investors yet to join or rejoin.

    IMO, the market is one of the premeir places to have your money over the next few years. The next boom is on its way and there will be much more personal investment money flowing back into equities. As a society the masses are only so limited to simple investment vehicles such as real estate, bonds, cash in bank, CDs, money market, personal business and the stock market. Now ask yourselves: Where do I want some of my money at during the next few years?

    Good Luck to all of you


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