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  • wallsofsteven wallsofsteven Feb 23, 2007 1:47 PM Flag

    Worst Case Scenario for OPBL

    Im realist investor when it comes to OPBL and like to consider the absolute best and the absolute worst....it helps me mentally measure my risk. Some thing has just occured to me roaming these boards and speaking to deal makers on Wallstreet. Thier is this constant rumor swirling around that NMX might purchase the ICE and that OPBL might be used a ploy to lure in the ICE's management to the bargaining table. Now just think of it....if this is true NMX might be trying to corner ICE quitly suggesting that if yoy dont merge with us under our condition we have this card in our pocket to play which in all reality they have no intention of doing so because the NMX knows that the ICE is the ultimate prize.

    Just some thoughts to ponder please subscribe

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    • Well if i here about a ICE and NMX mergrer....ill make sure to blow out every single share just to cover my ass....and buy back if nothing happens.

    • Look at the largest owners of ice.NMX cant fuck with Goldman and the boys.NMX and OPBL will do just fine together.Look out ice you will begin to melt.

    • First off, If 'WALLS' was so important he would not be wasting lots of time midday to post here.

      NYMEX and Ice will not merge. I work on the Nymex. These rumors have been going around since Ice first started. If they are talking about this on your 'trading desk' i would be really surprised.

      As DarkAngel states, ICE has no electronic option platform. They barely even clear any options at all.

      If a merger ever happened, Ice customers would be able to trade on the OPEX platform which would be a best case scenario for OPBL longs.

      Part of the reason Nymex bought into OPBL was to block out Ice from this technology.

      Walls, sleep well. Your worst case scenario is actually a beautiful thing, although it will never happen.

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      • Everything in this post is MY OPINION except the link. Do visit it:

        I'll agree about the boys club comment. In fact it appears that is how/why OPBL was able to make a deal with Nymex because of this boys club thing. Just some outsider couldn't pull off what OPBL has. You have to know the right people at Nymex to get approval from them to connect to their system and for them to buy a stake in your company.

        Not to mention, so far, I haven't read of another company being granted the same privileges that OPBL has by Nymex.

        And one last thing, the best I can tell, Albert Helming would fit into that boys club as he "served as a board member-executive committee member and Vice Chairman of the New York Mercantile Exchange".

        Oh and he knows all about ICE and yet he feels confortable casting his lot with OPBL.

        "While at NYMEX, he was responsible for all foreign interface, which resulted in a host of successful alliances and attempted relationships, such as the Sydney Futures Exchange, the Hong Kong Futures Exchange, Simex, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, IPE, Eurex, THE INTERCONTINENTAL EXCHANGE, the Tokyo Commodity Exchange, the Osaka Commodity Exchange, the Beijing Commodity Exchange, and the Shanghai Metals Exchange."

        Here is the link. Read it for yourself!


    • okieskm,

      I guess rumors abound, they always have and always will in the market!! If CME does buyout ICE, which I doubt, it will still benefit OPBL because it will give OPEX more exposure.

      In fact the bigger the monopoly the better for OPEX, no one will try to re-invent the wheel!!

      Further the fact so many rumors do abound here is because 'Exchanges' are hot and they will be for a while. At least until the dust settles and the electronic trading volumes platue, which my guess will be 2009 conservative, 2011 max, thats when the bubble breaks. We haven't even started blowing it up yet as it is just starting!!!!!


    • That was a really stupid scenario you proposed.

      Please read OPBL's filings.

      You will learn that traders use OPEX for both NMX AND ICE.

    • lol....i didnt know this was a writing competition. Next time i write something for you to read ill make sure im not doing 20 different other things like managing a million dollar account. Like i said in the first post this is a worst case scenario and im just relaying the information im hearing at the trading desk. I still think OPBL has potential, but this rumor does throw a hex into my original long term thoughts.

    • <<Now just think of it....if this is true NMX might be trying to corner ICE quitly suggesting that if yoy dont merge with us under our condition we have this card in our pocket to play which in all reality they have no intention of doing so because the NMX knows that the ICE is the ultimate prize.>>

      walls, your english is atrocious and you are king of the run-on sentence. Somewhere in there I'm sure there is a coherent thought. Okay, scratch "sure" and replace with "suspect."

    • nymex needs to compete against ice or they are losers. noboby wants to be a loser....big money dont like losers, the ladies dont like losers, and in general america hates losers....quoting g.s. patton here.....there is no room for second best

    • steve where have you been?you choose to enlighten us when the stock is on a tear.

    • >>>BLOCKED <<<

      oh oh,

      The truth hurts all the time. All know here that this dark_angel will save you from the fraudsters. That be U.


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