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  • lumatic_tic_boom lumatic_tic_boom Mar 1, 2007 7:34 PM Flag

    yeee haw

    This is going to twenty, $4.20 on the sudden pull back. Yes sir. Management does not follow the stock price, everybodies buying, no one cares at what price because it is going soooooooo high, sooooooo soon.

    Oh wait, there were more trading days in the forth quarter '06 then in the first quarter this year so volume will be WAY OFF, oh wait Nymex has had some pretty sluggish trading days in Feb. 07, oh wait OPBL is no longer getting rev's from its ICE customers because they signed a contract with Nymex, and agreed to ice ICE. Oh wait the pumpers won't answer that question, not even their fearless leader and number one pumper dogs n suds.

    Show me the money!! you can't, why, conveniently the company said it won't release volume anymore, why, everyone else does??? why not OPBL, because they didn't want to SPOOK the market with lost volume from ICE.

    ANSWER THE QUESTION PUMPERS, what about the lost rev from ICE. Goto the last 10q, it clearly shows rev streams from ICE & NYMEX.

    Go back to this board after the deal was announced pumpers like dogs said ICE rev's don't matter because they were so small. OK how much were they?? provide link, this revenue is GONE.

    pump that*

    *this is not a bash, do your own DD, nothing stated here should influence your investment making decisions, this is purely for entertainment and all comments are forward/backward looking and are posted for the joy of you reading it, make your own decisions

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