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  • lumatic_tic_boom lumatic_tic_boom Mar 3, 2007 2:12 PM Flag

    and REMEMBER this

    the whole brokerage sector appears over valued!!!

    When markets correct they correct, period. OPBL is in the brokerage sector and friday Bloomberg informed the STREET of the mess the BIG PLAYERS in the brokerage sector are in.

    So OPBL will be guilty by association, its a OTC stock after all and will correct with the sector.

    READ it for yourself:

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    • lunatick doom did you just throw a rod.check your oil pressure I think it is at 0#

    • "quit talking out your ass and move on"

      now the board hater is an epistemologist.

      this is truly pathetic. in his blind hate (and it is blind hate), our board hater splutters away and muddleheadedly throws any piece of argumentative feces that comes to hand, hoping to spray his object of hate with the filth of his own mind.

      beliefs not based on experience

      1) belief in a deity -- unless of course you've met that deity or "experienced" it..
      2) belief in angels
      3) belief that the world is round -- and how many people have circumnavigated it and hence "experienced" it.

      and by our filth throwing analinguist's criteria, i guess the following percentages of people polled have all "experienced" what they believe in:

      >>Six in ten adults believe in the devil (61%) and in hell (59%).
      Forty percent of the public, including 46 percent of women and 33 percent of men believe in ghosts.
      One third (34%) believe in UFOs. More men (38%) than women (31%) hold this belief.
      Just under three in ten (28%) adults believe in witches with slightly more men (30%) than women (27%) believing in them.
      One quarter (25%) of adults believe in astrology including 30 percent of women and 19 percent of men.
      One in five (21%) believe in reincarnation, the belief that they were once another person.<<

      there are fouler, more debased examples of the perversion of a human mind than our board hater, but not many.

      it is time for the board hater to leave.

      he does not belong in decent society.

    • Re: Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, et. al.

      "...These guys have made a lot of money securitizing mortgages over the years in a mortgage boom time," said Richard Hofmann, an analyst at bond research firm CreditSights Inc. in New York. "The question now is what is the exposure to credit risk and what are the potential revenue headwinds if they're not able to keep that securitization machine humming along."

      Excellent find, Lumatic. I agree, OPBL is guilty by association because of their similarly large stake in junk mortgage securities, which happens to be undermining the value of the big brokers.

      "...Bear Stearns's stake in non-investment grade retained mortgage securities, or what its keeps from packaging loans into bonds, represents about 13 percent of the firm's "tangible" equity, according to CreditSights."

      "For Lehman, it's 11 percent. Goldman, Morgan Stanley and Merrill don't disclose how much of their total retained securities are rated below investment grade, or junk. Overall, their exposure is in ``the low- to mid-teens," CreditSights said."

      The article didn't mention the percentage of OPBL's stake in non-investment grade retained mortgage securities. But I'm sure it must be similar in size, because after all, it is a broker. Again, thanks for the help lumatic. You're a godsend.