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  • gnus_hound gnus_hound Mar 26, 2007 11:23 PM Flag

    C'mon OPBL announce the NMX deal

    And put out a pump filled PR so I can sell my last OPBL shares.

    PS: Did I tell you that NTRZ's growth rate dwarfs that of OBPL.

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    • I suggest you point out why it is an idiotic comment. Otherwise, I assume you don't know much about the company you back like you know everything that will ever happen.

      Are you saying you don't think NTRZ has benefited from things like price controls on corn in Mexico, which has limited supply, thus making large food producers there desperate to cut a deal with NTRZ?

      NTRZ is not a complicated story. What is it you seem to think I dont get?

    • What an idiotic comment. I suggest you learn at least 1 or 2 of the 50 things you don't know about NTRZ before you continue to embarrass yourself in public.

      Now scoot along and tell your mommy you made a fool out of yourself again today on a public MB.

    • You're not at all concerned about this friday's PM earnings? I do like NTRZ's prospects, the part I don't like is the dependence on corn prices. If the tarriffs on ethanol are lowered or dropped NTRZ will be hurt badly. I beleive the story will continue for the next couple of quarters, but the problem is that the rising corn prices have bled into broader food costs. If inflation concerns keep growing, as they easily could, there will be increasing pressure to reduce the ethanol tariff.