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  • joltingjosephine joltingjosephine May 26, 2007 10:48 AM Flag

    Is this the time to buy?

    I never heard of this company until a couple of weeks ago. It seems to me that if it turns out that this company was not at fault in the BMO mess, that their business, on a much smaller scale than before, could survive and eventually return to normal.

    At the current price, most everyone who is going to sell and take their lumps are out. The only peole who still own this stock should be the ones that believe that the company will survive.

    I may take a small position, maybe 10-15000 shares at this point. Unlike a lot of companies I see out there, this one does not seem headed for bankruptcy, unless the shareholder lawsuits ruin them. The upside looks higher than the downside at this point.