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  • wobatus wobatus Aug 14, 2007 7:59 AM Flag

    The only way this price is justified


    is if they miss big AND guide down. Otherwise it is insanely cheap.

    I am talking a miss at or below the low estimate. Someone has them at 19 cents for this quarter. It is the prospect of earnings shrinking that is effecting the stock price (foreswearing short conspiracy theories for now). But i think it has to be perceived as perpetual shrinking earnings.

    Even a stabilization of earnings should goose the price. Balance sheet pristine, perhaps too pristine, loads of net cash, enterprise value to ebitda less than 6.

    This earnings call should be interesting. if it is just plain vanilla slight miss, even then stock should move up. Disaster is priced in.

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    • Excellent read.However would have liked,to see a better
      report. Management using good judgement on buy back and
      not making overstated projections. We still have a chance for a suprise if things improve. Book value close to $10.
      I will probably purchase more as price still undervalued
      with outlook. Not all is lost here. Company has plenty of
      value and potential. Were beter of than mortgage crisis.

      more feed welcome.

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      • If it sells off tomorrow, I'm thinking with the buy back and all, the stock should see better days. I hoping its the opposite of the final blow off top when the stock makes a new high and everybody is high fiving each other on the message board not realizing that its all down hill from here. That's the way I look at tomorrow, the beginning of the base and then the upturn. I will pick some more up tomorrow on any sell off, the stock is just too cheap at these levels and I know down the road I'll probably be saying I should of bot more when it was so cheap. And I like management that knows and acts on their cheap stock.