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  • schwartzhymie Nov 18, 2012 3:07 PM Flag

    poor pitiful ol al,

    If you had the emotional I.Q of a twit, you might achieve that of a tw---.
    Old Schwartzy can't imagine any one besides a decrepit gelding like Gillie, who could last 5 minutes living with you.
    BondaBoring Snoring in the Dawn's Early Light. Ugh!

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    • schwartzhymie Nov 19, 2012 4:39 AM Flag

      I feel the pain that you feel for me.
      I clearly could care less about you, and the feeling is clearly the same.
      I am not here for that purpose, and you know darn well why I am here.
      You fear someone without fear. That is the advantage of being older.
      You provide entertainment, and considerable laughs at times.
      When I choose to get serious, I also have my reasons.
      BondaCamel'sHump: You are a defeated, discredited, lonely alleged female, who no man would want to live with. I know that you are lonely, and angry that any man would dare to oppose you, and your god O'Bummer.
      56 million people did. Who knows how many machines were hacked, dead people voted, and people in States with no picture id voted numerous times.
      The election was stolen, and or bought, in much the same way that Franken screwed
      Market forces will eventually correct the above.So will Darwins's Laws Anecdotally, we know many people who won't spend money. Moreover, we know many who will
      buy concierge care, from a dwindling supply of good physicians.
      If we lose the war agaisnt Islamic Terrorism, you will beg the neanderthals to save you.
      Obama's base, in places like Chicago will continue to destroy each other.
      American born African Americans are worse off than ever.
      You have not only accomplished nothing, but by supporting O'Bummer you have weakened this nation further.
      Rat fink all you want. If I want to be here, I will be.
      I like when you guys try to insult. It brings back good memories, of tougher guys than you could ever be, from the streets and the military. I loved those guys.
      You are different, because you are rat finks, and cowards.

      Sentiment: Sell

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