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  • schwartzhymie Nov 21, 2012 6:13 AM Flag

    Credibility of Hyman Allan Schwartz????

    1. Did Obama lead a redlining attack on C in 1995? ( Very relevant to banking)
    2. Did Obama go to Pakistan in 1981?
    3. Did BondaFonda pledge that she was a Republican on this site?
    4. Did Obama attack his own mother's race, in his writings? He was ashamed of his own mother.(I would be ashamed of having Bondzilla as a mother as well), Assuming that she is a she.
    I will never again give her one inch on this board. She is like the suicide bomber in Tel Aviv this morining. The moment you relent, she stabs you in the back. This board is her whole pathetic existence. Now I will not only laugh here, but I will never give an inch. All olive branches, can be stuck up her___________________________, Twitter.
    5. Did Obama attend Wright's church for years, while Wright regularly bashed the U.S?
    6. """"""""""""" ever visit Israel while he was Presdident? The Israelis have good reasons to distrust that guy.
    7. """"""""""""" enable Morsi to become President of Egypt?
    8. Have women and Christians suffered from #7? More than you will ever know.
    9. Can any individual access porn from Yahoo, Google, MSN, or AOL? Thanks Gillie, and BondaBabboon for proving my point.Thanks to Holly, and Holy as well.
    10. Did 9/11 directly helped cause everything from an unpleasant airline ride, to the Fed under Greenspan drastically lowering interest rates.( very relevant to banking).
    You have to be joking, if you think that I along with 56 million others will ever back down from a BondaFonda, or BondaLosi type.
    That does not include the dead, those without id who voted repeatedly,the hacking of machines to read Obama votes, which were Romney votes etc. It definitely happened in Cry Baby's and Bailey's State.
    Anecdotally, I know that many people will either not spend,will close down businesses, or deploy capital elsewhere. Older physicians will retire.
    You can't defeat the market, Darwin, or a power that defies understanding, in the long run
    I don't care that I am a lone voice here.
    You have not affected me one iota.
    However, note the strident, desperate voice, of the Mistress of the Lie, on this board.
    She is a beaten shell of an alleged female, alone, depressed, and very angry, that an old man has
    beaten her at her game.
    BondaBabble, you did not have much of a father, did you? Drunk, womanizer, gambler, all 3?
    Tough! You f'ed with the wrong man, Liars always get caught.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • to the FED under Greenspan drastically lowering interest rates"

      Al, you are insane. Your arguments are insane.

      Your innuendo that I or Obama or whomever your perceived enemy of the moment is, caused 9/11 is insane.

      You are babbling and blubbering little man.

      • 1 Reply to bondgal00seven
      • schwartzhymie Nov 21, 2012 8:56 AM Flag

        You can't answer the questions, because the true answers destroy you.
        You have totally imploded.
        You need years on the couch, telling Doctor Ruth, about your daddy.
        Any male with testerone, in the real world, would not come within a mile of your putrid personality.
        What does GGG know? He has no idea who you are.
        Now get some help, before you go totally insane.
        Old Schwartzy is not even scratched by you.
        You don't even have the social skills of a 14 year old teenage female.

    • "did Obama go to Pakistan in 1981"

      "did Obama lead a redlining attack on C"

      etc, etc, etc, etc,

      all urban legends which have been debunked by, or other credible sources.

      "Did BG "pledge" that she was a "republican"."

      Al you are crazier than a loon.

      This is exactly the birther crank and crazy nonsense which I predicted yesterday.,

      all discredited in print. the only sources still talking about such discredited lies are the whack job nut case right wing crazy kkk'ers.

      Al has a feeble mind, which cannot accept some things,. Like there are black people who have intelligence, and are legally allowed to be POTUS. and that people can vote for whatever candidate they choose.

    • al you;re insane. you just proved it once again.

      • 1 Reply to bondgal00seven
      • schwartzhymie Nov 22, 2012 1:40 PM Flag

        Every statement in the original post is true. In many cases his own words.
        Having said that, I leave and come back, and you are still at your pathological lying.
        Its f'n Thanksgiving. Have you so little in life, that you are still at it.
        Once again, I will try to place you on ignore, because I can't stand what I am making you in to.
        I can't even imagine what daddy did to you. It is clear that no man with an ounce of male qualities could have lived with you
        The few regulars with a memory equal to mine, know that an old guy has thoroughly defeated you
        You are now very ill.
        Drive down to Chincoteague and play with the little horsies.
        You have totally imploded.

        Sentiment: Sell

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