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  • schwartzhymie Nov 21, 2012 8:51 AM Flag

    al lives in a world of delusions,

    I will no longer offer you an out. You were offered numerous olive branches.
    You are a back stabbing liar.
    You can't deal with facts.
    You are without question the one who needs pity. However, I haven't any for you!
    The only thing that you now offer is entertainment, which even Bernie and the Blind Sheik would not take from you.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • a bad day for al,.

      now he lives to spew innuendo on the wells fargo message board, and he doesn';t even have share one of stock.

      trailer park trash.

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      • lady parts al.

      • no cajones, al.

      • schwartzhymie Nov 21, 2012 10:16 AM Flag

        You have been nailed on a fact basis. You F'ed with an old man with a memory.
        Your lies have caught up to you, it is just you and me now. Those board members with a memory have finally realized who and what you are. A loser and liar
        You are not fit to clean the thrifty one's laundry.
        I will offer you: A. A free all expenses vacation to Sharm Al Sheik. It is a beautiful world class
        resort. B. Two years of therapy to work out your problems with your father. Be honest: gambler, womanizer, porn freak, druggy like O'Bummer,alcoholic like Clinton's step father?, All of them?
        . C. I will fly to you the Sudan for a tour. D. You may take a cruise near Somalia on a private yacht. Ocean Expectorate might show up for some amusement.Imagine how loneluy that A-Wipe must be.
        I will meet you in Gasparilla, at that little town near where the real Marvin will be in March 2013. Not the Strarvin dude who you use your Lowes tools to beg for food with.
        I only ask that you let me know if I will need a gas mask to survive your putrid personality.
        Can you imagine being afraid of Ye Olde Schwartzy?
        BondaFonda lives in fear of her lonely lying self.
        Cry Baby, drop your Thanksgiving plans, and fly to Washington to hug BondaBabboon.
        She is hurting real badly from messing with ye Olde Hyman.
        This is entirely allegorical of cause!
        Gratitude should be our attitude for tomorrow.
        BondaHumiliated, is just that!

        Sentiment: Sell

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