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  • mr.schnider mr.schnider Jan 25, 2013 9:57 AM Flag


    you said:
    "I think something is being covered up regarding our response to the attack along with how it's being reported to us. I have nothing concrete BG, but I just have a gut feeling on this along with how well the government can "alter" the facts."


    how else could our country have responded?

    In the end you have to come to grips with the fact that Romney would not have reacted any different.
    This whole media attack is driven by making political points and this turns off war weary independents.

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    • "This whole media attack is driven by making political points and this turns off war weary independents."

      I love the republican base in Minnesota and their response to the drones flying over the presidential inauguration)

    • Mr. S,

      I have to agree with you as another war weary independent. It is too obvious by now that the defense industry is driving the war mongering, and when that is condensed into simplest form, we see an industry controlling how US war policy is ginned up by the desire to improve revenues and the bottom line, and in the process determine that young men and women are sent to war.

      We cannot have young men and women sent to war as "favors" for idiotic "allies."

      We cannot have defense industrial profits having any sway over the lives of US citizens. It is morally reprehensible.

      Meanwhile it is told to the troops to be very proud of serving their country. I am proud of the desire and willingness of the troops to serve, but I am disgusted with an industry which would send them in to danger, when it is clear that industry is what is driving the aggression. Especially in the fictitious hunt for weapons of mass destruction under the Bush regime.

      We need to consider how dumb the pretense of that war was and the vast amount of lives lost in that endeavor, which affected many families in a profound way. Especially when we compare that to the surgical precision of getting OSBL when he was found.

      So, here we are gnashing teeth over Chris Stevens, who was the head expert on Benghazi, and who was not an indentured servant of the US govt, he was calling the shots. Meanwhile no one is asking about all of the lives lost in Afghanistan and Iraq, and why the heck not?

    • Mr. S, I'm not sure how our country could have responded because I don't have all of the facts which the government has failed to provide other than perpetuating the hoax of a video being responsible for the attack. All Hillary can come up with is "What difference does it make?", while she cries and pounds her fists on the table. The Lame Stream Media now focuses on her tears and reports only that she vigorously defended herself. What else would a person expect? Hell she has the world's best liar for a husband to coach her. "I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN'!!!!!!!!!!!!

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