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  • mr.schnider mr.schnider Feb 22, 2013 11:12 AM Flag

    Federal Reserve is not crazy

    Little known fact is that the Bernank is actually not totally brainwashed into thinking he has to hold the gas pedal down forever.
    In fact there was a considerable amount of time last year when he only purchased enough bonds in order to keep the FRB balance sheet stable. And for those of you that are worried that he is irresponsible, the fact is that for a couple or so months last year he even shrank the Fed' balance sheet. Thats right, in other words he did not replace the runnoff that was maturing. The unfortunate thing is that our economy did not prove to be self sustaining and he put into place more QE.
    My point being is that there will come a time when QE ends, and though it may seem unfathonable to some, it may actually come at a time while the Bernank is still running the show. I personally do not perceive him to be irresponsible and forsee him ending QE before he retires.
    If I were the treasury I'd be issueing mostly 30 year bonds in order to do whats best for the country. They need to lock into these rates while they can still get them.

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