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  • wakeupamerica87 wakeupamerica87 Apr 15, 2013 10:11 PM Flag

    Indians & Rag Heads NYC Offices

    Regarding all the disgusting Rag Head and Indian sub-human animals that are working in here at Wells Fargo. You now know what the F you're dealing with as seen by the recent events in the news!!! Next time you see one of these sub-human Indian animals or the like in your office you now know you are looking directly at the enemy. These animals have such hatred for Americans and should be completely avoided. From my years of observation they can be summed up as manner-less, overly aggressive, arrogant, smell bad and will only look out for there own species in hiring, title promotions and raises if you let them in management positions, these animals will try to steal everything, don't be fooled. Because of there false sense of intelligence the only thing they can do is sit in a chair and use a computer because they are so lazy and is the reason there country is in such poverty. What more do you Americans need to realize the evil you are dealing with, I mean are you Americans really that F stupid? Did you already forget what these animals did to your family and friends on 9-11? I cannot urge all you financial firms enough of the need to remove this evil from within your company as "THEY ARE THE ENEMY AND NOT YOUR FRIENDS!!!. Do not make them feel like they belong here because they do not, they are only here to steal from Americans and are laughing behind our back at our culture and how they are taking advantage of us. These animals have no shame and will come here and try to steal everything and leave you Americans with nothing, wake up, enough with the political politeness already!!! You can thank Wells Fargo and other financial firms throughout NY City that are mostly responsible for bringing these evil sub-human animals in the country!!!!

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    • your parents should never had reproduce . omg you're from a inbred family . that explains your message . I bet you this incident in boston was done by a pathetic person like you or someone in your family .darn hitler youth .

    • Crawl back under your rock, bigot. Your uncle Adolf would be proud of you. Your facts are as wrong as your bigotry. Wait until we find our who's to blame before you start pointing fingers and making threats.

      I've worked with a number of Indians in my career. And, I've found them honest, hardworking, friendly, respectful of American history and wanting to stay here in the land of freedom and opportunity to improve their life and that of their family. You, arsehat, are disrespectful, dishonest, foul mouthed and foul minded. I would not care to have you as a neighbor and I am ashamed to have to admit that you are a countryman. Leave now for Bigotlandia!

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