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  • paybackiab paybackiab Apr 28, 2013 8:51 PM Flag

    So who's left in here?

    Haven't checked in here for awhile but I still see BG is still here. Did everyone else blow this popcorn stand?? I don't see gillie, bridgelm, or anyone else that used to be in here including Gus. Is it because of the new format or because of all of the riff raff that has seemed to have crept into this place?

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    • Payback,
      Let's face it, if you want to argue politics, social security, economics and medical ethics with hard headed, closed minded, morons and buffoons, this site has morphed into exactly what you want. Otherwise, it has value zero anymore with even the humor vanished.

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      • Wow, look at that, it's kind of like someone waved a magic wand and all of you appeared. srjohnt, BG, windbag, stooge, and even the new Gus, Al. How are all of you doing? Anyone seen bridgelm or gillie lately? I rarely make a trip in here anymore. Nothing seems to have changed. No news on WFC or what's happening with it. Took a trip to the USB board and saw a couple of familiar names. I hope all are doing well, let me know. Now that I know you're around I may stop back more often. Best wishes to all!!!

    • "Is it because of the new format or because of all of the riff raff that has seemed to have crept into this place?"

      Yes and Yes. Although I can't seem to stay away. Like watching a car wreck. Maybe this is the modern version of a soap opera.

      If you are patient and diligent, you can even see the occassional discussion about Wells Fargo or the economy.

    • Payback, I'm still here occasionally, but as Stooge stated, there's not much of value here any more, and even though Gus hasn't been around much, Al has taken his place, and is every bit as irritating. A few of us are still here, just don't expect too much...

    • Payback, my recent post was after I unfortunately checked the mb without signing in, and found the blathering of al continuing. I have discontinued posting here other than that, since over a month ago.

    • Payback, I am still here but the board has plenty of riff raff. Nothing of value goes on here. All my post are playing with the doofus racist and porn watcher "Herpes(Al, Charles).

      Good to see you post, don't be a stranger.



    • kevin_launius Apr 29, 2013 7:44 PM Flag

      i'm still here.

      just don't post that much anymore.Got tired of all the BS

      the ONE and only


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      • Hi kev, good to see you again. You are a winner. Poor ole Herpes(Al, Charles) can't communicate with the normal people on this forum and he post on another forum where all the posters are like Herpes, racists, perverts, and porn watchers, he can't get along with them either. Here is a post he made there an hour or so ago, "F you A-wipe!" Wonder why he is surprised when he is called a doofus!

    • Oh, I'm still around. I even posted last week or the week before. But, I don't post much. It has become a real waste of time for a variety of reasons. In no particular order -

      1. Yahoo won't stop the spammers. I think that Yahoo encourages and smacks down people who object to it. I was blocked from posting for about a week a couple of months ago because I reported too many spammers. That was the start of my withdrawing from the board.
      2. The interest in WFC is gone. The rest of it is crud ( see Sturgeon's Law - 98% of everything is crud )
      3. The insane posters ( & you can recognize them ) are crawling out from under the rocks.
      4. Gus never dies. These days he calls himself harlanharp & pretends to be alstanap's reincarnation. Read the posts and you can tell the difference quite easily. I suspect that the real alstanap has passed or is now incapable of posting ( physically or being housed in a nursing home where he no longer has internet access ). Al had his issues. But he had a sense of humor and was mostly a gentleman. Harlanharp is just Gussie - pure and simply. The meanness of spirit, spite, jealousy, hate, the incompetence, the bad language, the professional ( lack of being a) communicator, the general obnoxiousness, etc. - all Gus. No doubt in my mind.
      5. The worthwhile people don't have much to say. You, BG, LOTW in all his incarnations, Banker and even the old guys ( marinshell, orangetp, liferpw, littlegiant and many, many more of the old timers ) lurk at best.
      6. Even I lurk at best. It's become a time sink rather than an interesting place with interesting people and interesting ideas.
      7. The latest Yahoo incarnation of this board has an implementation and design that are nothing but garbage - beginning, middle and end!

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      • pwityk: "Gus never dies. These days he calls himself harlanharp & pretends to be alstanap's reincarnation."

        Interesting and perhaps true. Harlan appears in March on more than one board and starts out relatively benign. Much of the subject matter is similar to Al and his follow-on ids (walking through dangerous streets, global threat from North Korea, Iran, etc, political bias of Obama against banks etc). It tended to make one think that it was Al (Salsa, etc) all over again recovering from a Yahoo blocked id.. But he soon degenerated into vulgarity, name calling, an obsession with alliteration in nick names, obsession with BG and Gillie and manufacturing a relationship between the two. All of these were themes that Al - and Gus for that matter - posted non stop with. Perhaps Al and Gus were one and the same originally, just part of Gus's multiple personality disorder, but I doubt it. Both have been tagged with real names and real addresses. The same demon spirit must just inhabit both at the same time.

        Al claims to be here at times just for the fun of it, but that is obviously a blatant lie. He pretends to have everyone on ignore but responds non-stop to every one of their posts. He is obsessed with his inferiority to all, especially to having been made to look like the fool he is by a woman. And the only way he can deal with that is to ratchet up the name calling and pretend he is not affected. The only way he could ever prove that would be to stop posting and he cannot bear to do that, to let someone else have the last word. It would be the equivalent of personality suicide.

      • And, that should read
        "I think that Yahoo encourages spam and smacks down people who object to it."

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