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  • mr.schnider mr.schnider May 27, 2013 9:26 AM Flag

    LOTW regarding: willing number of workers

    Back in the 1990's Greenspan and Clinton era, the forcast was made that eventually the next generation of Americans would have a shrotage of workers. Clintons leadership on NAFTA within the Democratic party was key to getting it passed.

    Clinton made the point that America simply wont have enough people in the future to make all the stuff Americans want to buy.

    Fast forward to Obama care. We will see a noticeable percentage of the population continue to shift into part time jobs, working just 32 hours or less driven by taxes. Presently we already have an unemployment rate of less than 4 percent among workers with college degrees.

    This craziness going on in Congress jawboning the private sector with acusations of nefarious tax avoidence for simply investing in foreign companies will eventually be tempered when our country enjoys a smaller budget deficit, improved unemployment, and a new white house administration.

    My wild guess is that the undemployment rate will continue to shrink through out Obama' reign, however this does not mean I am advocating harrassing large corporations for investing outside of America, nor am I advocating Obama Care, nor am I advocating increasing income taxes above a psychological threshold motivating spouses of high earnings to retire, nor am I advocating this huge push to put people into social security disability.
    Its interesting to remember that Obama care is a republican counter proposal to clinton, which he chose to refuse. I dont know if this is something that clinton would have gone for later in his administration, however early in his Administration with his idealism still in tact he turned the counter offer down. This is changing America in ways that are dificult to forsee, my favorite prediction is we will experience a shortage of workers.

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