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  • burn_out_coming burn_out_coming Nov 26, 2008 9:57 AM Flag

    2500 shares traded in the first hour.

    It's going to be a huge volume day. Like watching corn grow. Or maybe I should say like watching corn grow during a drought.

    By the way, does anyone own this stock?

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    • I own too. About 1500 shares. I own 1575 after last divvy! A no brainer if there ever was one. They had growing pains , as they spent alot on new terminals. Now they are paying off. If you look at gallonage for gasoline. It`s increased alot per last C.C. Also they are largest distributor of heat in the northeast.The heating season got off to an early start too.These people are no dummies. The grandfather started off with an oil truck decades ago, and they built it into an empire.They business schooled the kids and built up the business. You need heat is the bottom line. You are better off putting a limit order in (AON) if buying as price fluctuates alot during day as there`s a low float.I may be blowing smoke out my butt, but I can see this at $20 by April, and yes I`ll post that I was wrong!

    • ...Not a lot of volume but with a 22% yield am wondering why more investors are not into it! Mind you there are only some 5 million shares on the float. No I didn't buy 2500 but did get 500 and will likely add to this on Friday. The ships, planes, trucks etc. all need fuel every day. Economy will turn again, has always done so the last 3 downturns. Buy now, will be well rewarded in the future!

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