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  • jillbowels jillbowels Jan 12, 2011 2:18 PM Flag


    There was approximately 1 million dollars bought by directors/et al in November. No more dry powder though :(

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    • I read it differently. There was 1 director who bought 3,500 shares in November. All the other "Director" purchases were buys made by Global GP LLC, which was buying shares to give (no cash cost) to directors or employees in connection with GLP's long-term incentive plan.

      Then in the past week, Global GP LLC granted 3,600 shares to 3 directors as part of the LTIP plan. It still has something like 80,000 shares available for grant under the plan.

      I assume, but haven't bothered to confirm, that GLP is responsible for reimbursing Global GP LLC for these purchases in some fashion, since the compensation is going to GLP employees and directors.

      So it doesn't appear like there's any great amount of buying by the directors.

      But here's another question - I assume this winter's average temperature in GLP's footprint is lower than average, so that's good for sales of heating oil. But flights are getting cancelled, which can't be good for sales of jet fuel. And the snow is keeping people off the roads, which has to hurt the recently acquired gas stations.

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      • JRad...I see the 3600 shares this week. I am also looking at a 3500 and 1200 share purchase on 11/17, as well as a 3300 share purchase on 11/18, as well as a 29,400 share purchase on 11/22, all of last year.I use e-trade and the last week shares are an exercise of options. The November trades say "purchase" only. As far as jet fuel sales go, I don`t believe Global is into this. On the web site it does not list it. Conoco Phillips in East Boston pretty much has the market cornered. They have a pipeline directly to Logan.As for the storm....hey it`s winter! Yes people aren`t driving today, but you can also say they stayed home, thus not turning their thermostats down.This seems like a "slow and steady" stock to me. You don`t get the major gyrations.I only have a small position, but if I had more dough I`d buy.

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