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  • ltbhdollars ltbhdollars Jan 27, 2005 9:00 PM Flag

    Possible Candiates for New Index


    Be careful with BTE, I held at IPO and for short while afterward but the company whose moto was a low payout ratio to fund capex made a very big secondary shortly after IPO to fund that same capex ... if I cannot trust management I do not want to own it and I sold.

    Secondly, I am the type investor for which INCOME trusts were designed .. a LTBH income investor whose ideal trust pays a high distribution but ALWAYS remains at same pps ... you see I want the income and greedily wish to continue buying the same trust at a low price rather than constantly looking for a new one and also paying tax on each swap.

    So to shorten the long wind ... the CGs are nice but I am in it for the income and base my decisions with that in mind. Frankly it was alot easier when they were paying 22-24% or so.

    I attempt to not make specific recommendations but have no problem sharing my holdings. You do need to know that MHO is all stocks are expensive and this is wrong time of year to purchase O$G ... couple more weeks and shoulder season begins and thats normally best time to buy em. Certainly you never wish to purchase in the coldest cold streak for almost two years, lol.

    I sold my long time holding of ERF this month since it was better than a double with the correspondingly lower distribution %. I have been also trimming my Paramount holdings since it has grown to be a major portion of taxable, wifes Roth/my Roth. I sold all EIT in Roths due to lower Distribution % due to pps increase AND the decrease the new Cdn tax will have.

    I will be selling EIT from taxable after 02/02 when hits LTCG for above reasons plus Enervest has never characterized their 60% ROC for US holders so its poor taxable holding.

    I hold APFRF, AVNNF, ACNJF, NVGUF (risky IMHO), PMGYF, BTO, BGF, CVP, EAD, IMH, NFI, PWI. For my taxable account, I have been forcing my cutoff point on distributions lower lately because I have been also attempting to increase my marginability which means swaping Canadians for US and the US does have much in the higher yield but still good investment category.

    BGF, BTO, CVP, EAD, and IMH have all been offering lower prices for those who are adventurous.

    All of these are income vehicles IMHO, some argue otherwise and even more trade some of them (like Tug) and some wrongfully in my opinion look for CGs in them. You need to determine your style and comfort zone and develope a plan from that point.

    Hope Tug is not put off at this long winded OT reply ... luck in your investment choices


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    • ITBH$...Thanks for your take...Im aware that the canroys are pricey right now...I have sizable gains in the issues I own as well as IMH and BTO but like you I depend on the divies
      and invest primarily for income...Waiting for the next downdraft in canroys for portfolio shifting, just trying to get my apples in line when it occurs.....Still way ahead with HYF and even with EAD not counting divies..Both thanks to TUG...11% returns are hard to turn down, lets hope they hold for awhile.
      Best of luck...Stash

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