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  • esty100 esty100 Feb 18, 2012 10:18 AM Flag


    Enough said. RENN will have no strong hope until it break $6 with steady rise. For now, it's only good for day trading for a small gain.

    Look at BAC, if RENN can perform steady like BAC with no long idle or big pull backs, then an investment is worth the risk.

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    • I would agree with that, this is is ren rens mo mo to lose...

      Thy got what they always wanted, lots of new press, lots of volume and upticking

      After the last year, that must be a good feeling for them,

      But the need to accomplish one thing if they want gain any real respect, and that the IPO

      Trading 200% away from their listing price even after a 50% rally

      Has got be the number one goal for ren ren

      Trading under IPO price has got to end....

      And if ren ren really wanted to garner true market cohesion and respect , they cant trade below where they debuted...

      Bc until renn returns to 14 there will always be the question of why it trades 200% lower than what they just opened at 9 months ago.....

      Ren ren wants respectablity, then thy need to bring their trading price to the thier ipo debut

      Until then, its hard to get mass appeal....

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      • Other wise why not just ipo at 5?

        14 is the real number that renn needs to get to before the broader market takes full respect of renn,

        I think the run from here to 14 will come fast,

        With the real name issued reform happening in weeks

        This is renn and its handlers a chance to bring renn back to ipo price....

        Then after that it can trade higher with fB ipo....

        But renn needs to get to 14 , the real name policy , is the chance for renn to seperate itself from all the other players in the nation

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