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  • mfel44 mfel44 Mar 30, 2012 6:57 AM Flag

    fB & REN REN

    looks like a done deal

    3 days ago cook and zuck go to go china

    next news pieces is fB is halting at 101bb market cap

    and that fB is partnering with chinese SNS



    thats whats up

    zuck returns from china

    and the first story is that he is looking to partner w/ a chinese SNS

    thee fB is partner , w/ the fB of china

    fB & REN REN

    of all the stories bloomberg runs first out of the gate now that zucks china visit is over is

    FB is partnering with a chinese SNS

    is there anyone else

    and bloomberg in the same report confirmed something ,

    never confirmed publicly in the media

    that fB & REN REN have officially been in talks

    the only prior media mentions was the fact that

    fB considered REN REN their top competition ,

    what a smart savvy move by zuck to go align with ur top competitor

    in a market u cant penetrate .... best of both worlds...

    partner with a competitor that is leading ren ren , in a market u cant go in

    win win for fB

    simultaneously, REN REN super rallies and fB looks like genius' for the alignment and minority stake

    great way to start an ipo

    partner with chinese firm and show huge gains on the shares from minority stake

    that would makes fB IPO look sexier

    zuck gets china

    ren ren gets jackpot

    chen and zuck become iconic ceo's for the next decade

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