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  • jsteveco730 jsteveco730 May 6, 2012 4:32 PM Flag

    Monthly active user growth???

    Seeking alpha does it again - releases an article on poor metrics. One author - Mr. Zhang states "Investors should focus on monthly active user growth". Intersting how these articles go to press without any critical analysis from the editor or staff. What other company do you know uses this metric to determine company value? Well that answer is easy - no one. Seeking Alpha simply looks for ways to write articles that shed gloom and doom for any stock. In RENN's case we all know the company is growing a brand. Naturally there will be periods where growth will cycle. For instance - we are entering apring and summer and most people I know break for the outdoors to take care of other matters they could not do during winter. So there may be brief periods where this so called user growth slows due to other factors than people turning away so one cannot use this mertric for this and a host of other reasons. The key to remember is RENN will trend upward as the user base epands. In addition Mr. Chen will continue to invest in the brand to anticipate what the end user wants from the site. RENN will continue to grow and the SEeking Alpha story is a belmish on how that company conducts their analysis. Wow are we ever screwed by such pathetic and irresponsible journalism.

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