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  • gruen7 gruen7 May 18, 2012 8:18 AM Flag

    Wall St Corruption all over this stock.

    Which is why the calls are much too high.

    Naked shorting also kills calls month after month making them expire worthless.

    As bad as this stock is naked shorted, it is still risky but safer buying shares then calls because they will always make sure 90% of the time the calls expire worthless.

    Look for a big force down sometime today to occur if they really are going to push it higher, although they could take it up a little then to say 5.75 before back to 6.75, the stock moves ugly because of how bad it is naked shorted and all the fake shares in the RENN system longs are holding in their account that does not help the stock go up. IMHO do your research, read the rolling stone article about Goldman caught naked shorting, its not a conspiracy theory.

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    • I know its not a conspiracy theory...this has been happening for decades and the SEC will do nothing about it... why do they even exist?

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      • Who do you think some of the shorters on this board work for? I know for a fact, large brokerage traders post on these boards... I was referred to Yahoo finance chat rooms by an old broker I used in the 90s... I know he posted on the boards... and I don't think anything has changed as there are no regulations that are enforced anymore... the whole market is skewed on the side of the big banks... they play with a marked deck... In Vegas, that would get you kicked out of the gambling house... but on WS, you get to where the Big Man On Campus badge...

      • I'm in I'd be willing to put $ in to start a class action suit.I'm not one to get taken advantage of and take it.Edu let's stop crying about it and do something.I'll put in $10000 to start ,Anybody else interested?

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