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  • classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts Aug 1, 2012 10:12 PM Flag

    Renn longs aka bagholders tomm is thurs

    And Renn has done nothing but drift lower.

    And a run up as we get closer to earnings and after looks more and more like that long fantasy is .yet another long dream that didn't pan out.

    I bet you longs right now that CRM reaches 200 within 40 days and that RENN won't even be 5.00 40 days from now, so if CRM 200 40 days from today and if RENN is 4.90 I win and you lose. Yes I know some of you are saying RENN should and could be 2 dollars or 2.50, heck it could be that price right after another laclluster earnings and a conferene call complete with 3 different people studdering like last time! Please tell the female everything you want said and let her say 90% of it. She was the only one that at least sounded professional before you asked her a question she did not know, or legally shouldn't answer. She was studder free while the otherz were oh oh oh, the the the, that that that that, this this this stock sucks and is a typical China scam.

    How how how is the the the stock stock stock price so low without manipulation lation lation?

    Master Chen our American spy says they dare to naked short our stock with 90 million shares that were sold that were not in or part of our float. This explains boss why it looks like we have no buyers boss, boss, bo bo boss.

    Here is your pep pep pepper steak boss boss boss Master che che che chen!

    Slave get me the NYSE on the phone

    They are in on it boss with Goldman.

    How can that be slave?

    Old Goldman guy connected with the real guys behind the scenes that run Goldman placed him at the highest position at the NYSE so they can get away with anything and answer to nobody since one of their own is at the top of the NYSE, and he always takes Goldmans calls, emails, and orders boss. Call the Nasdaq slave. We did boss, they said they can't help us because we did not list our stock with Nasdaq like SOHU SINA BIDU NTES, the winning stocks boss.

    So what should we do boss? Slave it's obvious we must have a sit down with Goldman and NYSE so they start running our stock up!

    Also we need our new richest man in China on our board to start buying big blocks at the same time or right after we complete our buyback!

    Boss are we still going to 100 billion market cap?

    Yes When boss, 2015 slave.

    Boss is this going to be our kitchen sink trashman quarter or the next 2 boss.

    It is kitchen sink trash bag quarter and yes, this one and one or two more then we go north and never look back.

    So I tell my friends and family boss nobody buy calls till 2014 right?


    Boss we still going to be the first out with AR technology? Yes slave though taking longer then I thought.

    Boss you want me to call the agency for the girls tonight, you want a young one right boss? Bring 3 bottles of Astroglide, ran out last time and that cherry flavored stuff that Puma likes.

    Yes slave. Make sure plenty of china white and columbian yao.

    No problem boss, I still have a lot from last time.

    Boss you think the Americans can get our stock down to 1.75 or is 2.25 our absolute bottom.

    Get out of my office slave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts Aug 3, 2012 3:00 PM Flag

      Yeah CRM already starting huge run to 185 in 15 days I said was coming. Should close over 130 already today, bet looking good.

      oh yeah this is the 3rd huge up day on market that RENN has done nothing or 3 or 4 cents up

      RENN stock is broken, not going up after earnigs, maybe 20 to 30 cents and the longs will act excited and really be crying at computer screens!

    • classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts Aug 2, 2012 11:45 PM Flag


      Yes Master ma ma Master Chen

      Call Goldman and tell them we want to work out a deal and to purchase some of their older coke whores they are going to replace soon for our established clients back in the mainland.

      Tell them to write down height and weight requirements and we will bring a dozen to a half dozen to them on our next trip to the USA, complete with Visa, unless they can get even less restrictive visas then we can.

      Tell them if they finally let us run it, we will give them the heads up as to how much the richest man in China is going to buy and in what time frame so they can have some upgrades, price targets, and new stories flood from the usual Goldman puppets. Not muppets slave, puppets....YES BOSS, Master CHEN!

      Boss I have been told at parties that Goldman requests women with only the best gummy bear breasts that Mentor makes and those put in over in Canada.

      LOL that is funny, I heard they like the ones 18 that look 14 that started smoking at 11 or 12. and that the sickos like trannys.
      Boss we have had our stock go down for so long that many on the yahoo boards think we go to a dollar or two and eventually BK. While you Master, Master Chen boss have said we go to 100 Billion dollar market cap in 2 or 3 years. Quite a difference in share estimates and targets Boss.

      Get out slave your boring me, send in Bunny and Trixie, a tray of cola, some dilaudids, H, and my pipe and my opium, after they leave I will take my nap, wake me up as usual at the closing bell.

    • I got another order in for 5000 at 3.25

      I know, not that much but I am not grabbing 40,000 and watching it go to 2.30 after Chen's kitchen sink bad news quarter so they can make the next one or two look great.

      I grabbed some CRM after a couple guys here mentioning the earning play on Aug 17th

      27 analysts have it ranked as a strong buy with targets from 185 to 265

      Good enough for me because cloud is the big deal and as of today CRM was 45 points off it's 52 week high for no reason.

    • interactivebrokerssucks20soon interactivebrokerssucks20soon Aug 2, 2012 12:57 AM Flag

      Yes tomorrow 3.40 or about

      Friday 3.10-3.20

      Monday 2.90-3.05

      Tuesday 2.80

      Wednesday 2.70

      Thursday 2.60

      Friday 2.60

      At this current price hedge funds should be smashing the ask and they are not, which means they will not buy it till after great earnings news and or FB starts to go back up instead of huge falls daily!

    • Classaction

      I love the post man, keep them coming.

      Something tells me this could be pretty darn close to the truth and near everyday reality at RENN.

      I imagine he has 3 guys saying boss as well as the professional woman taking questions on the last conference call. I picture her in the boardrooms saying Boss you can't say it like that to the Americans, or Master Chen how about we change the message a little. She has obviously spent some time in America and is Attractive, the Master liked both those qualities in her. Would you like your daily release Master Chen?

      Well if Master Chen says he can get the Renn franchise to 100 Billion, he is so smart it must be true, I am also quite sure he was in such a hurry to go public and start building that he did not research one exchange versus the other.

      My guess is Nasdaq was like the soonest we can IPO you and have your stock trading is 4 to 5 months. Chen was like ok, I will get back with you.

      Next he had one of his underlings call and was quoted 1 to 2 months, Obviously a shorter wait because smart companies not beating down the door to list on a manipulated exchange that at anytime can "OVERIDE" the actual fair computer trading but we are suppose to believe the lead specialist will not abuse this priviledge at the expense of the little retail investor! Because in life as well as in the congress and the senate they are honest and not just actors or a pres from another country.

      You will have much more shares, selling tomorrow and buying back right after earnings bad news, you buy back more shares for cheaper during the big dump. The big boys want out or to lighten up 30% or dump half, they just do it, they don't care where the pric has been.

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