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  • donotbuyrennever donotbuyrennever Jan 28, 2013 7:22 PM Flag

    shorts better cover

    i know renn stinks,but they are going to run this turd up ,fb going to beat wednesday,and they have renn losing 07 cents,i don't think they have ever loss that its all a setup,renn long term is still chit,but i see what they are doing,it has nothing to do with what the dip chits here are saying,big buys just making money,pumper you still can go fawn yourself,you better sell when you get your chance this time. but if fb drop thursday get back out of renn turd

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    • Mr. flip flop.... So you think renn is going to beat in ER and the posting by some (dip chits as you call em) that stated they were turning the corner could be right? well could you tell me how high you think they will run it just so i know........

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      • what corner are they turning , earnings are no better, that has 0 to do with it,has amzn,ever made a dollar profit,if so not much,its all in what the real money wants a stock to do,nothing more,i think the powers to be want to run this now,hell morgan stanley hold 20 million shares at about 10,noway they are going to sit here and loose 150 million buck,but i think renn is still a pos, and long term,unless they sell or partner they will be gone, fact on renn are the same user number show slow growth,down on search,down on ads,all this after 12 years in business,china stocks are easy for the big boys to move down,well they are crooks,so are wall street

      • fool its no case of submission,stocks are played by the pros,I've made more on renn than you will ever make ,I'm up 210 percent,but i see what they are doing,they drove fb down from the ipo day, a day that brought more young unknowing investor to the market,than any other day in a long long time,which i hate to say most lost a lot of money to the pros, you can call it stolen they said fb sold to many shares,yet on lockout day when 30 percent more shares hit the market the stock skyrockets,now if fb beats earnings and i think they will,because they are set at a level to do just that. now renn estimated loose 7 to 8 cents next report,has renn ever loss that much,plus they know renn spending on up grades are about done,making it even easier,so i think renn runs up all this month,then it beats a easy to beat quarter,I'm not changing my mind on renn,i think this co is junk,but whats that have to do with anything,so now I'm long,with a 2.99 stop,I'm risking about 45 cent on 100k shares,how high,well if fb get above 38, i think it goes to 50 then to 100,how high will renn,if it gets above 8.50 12s easy above 14 it goes to 24,this year if I'm wrong well i still ended up 195 percent either way i win,but someone show me one post that i have ever been wrong on,its a game and I'm good at playing it,i shorted nflx on the open today for every penny i could,and i told my friend and family to do the same,i also told everyone on this board to short apple from 590,and i said it would go to 425,i covered yesterday and i was close,i made over 200 k on that trade,i also said on this board to buy bidu in the 80s,and said to sell over 110,look them up,now i say renn moves up big,

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