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  • mawsii1 mawsii1 Sep 20, 2013 8:31 PM Flag

    truly dissapointing management and board of directors!! They should pay out a one time dividend back to US investors

    CYOU paid out 3.85 to each ADS...Sohu is considering .....Joe Chen took 800 million at 14.00 per share 2.4 yrs ago and has not done anything but take care of insiders and is back in china town under his total the reason the B shares invested 410 million 5 yrs ago...and board member Dave Chao has done nothing , absolutely nothing even though he's a San Fran hedge fund manager sitting on RENNs board for 7 yrs now...entire board gets paid for allowing the stock to trade at so called cash...there is no fraduciary actions on anyones part at RENN...unfortunately..wall st hates chinese companies still that act in their own benefit...they stole 800 million as far as money managers are concerned..over 1.5 billion in losses incurred, CHEN buys SOCI finance for 59 million prior to spending the funds set asided for the this time 48 million was left...noalo one knows where this money accounting , nothing reported, no assets, sales, profits from this investment....soci finance was started by some so called sanford kid.....chen's relative maybe? Shareholders paid for this, but have nothing to show for it...not even a line item on the last financial?? and while the stocks sitting here this low and all other chinese internet companies flying...RENN isn't moving and the buyback is just falsehood pr..alot of hooey, fluff...nothing...unfortunately.....chen needs and wants a buyout offer but doesn't want to lose control...he is in the drivers set alone at the wheel...anyone riding in the car can just suffer, hope, go along for nothing for yrs, or be lucky when something positive happens by default of the bigger players taking control...lets hope that's the case.....

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