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  • jgbrainsed jgbrainsed Mar 18, 2014 11:24 AM Flag

    Noumi deal total amount

    The Noumi purchase final price has never been made public to my recollection. the 59% $1.6 million should show up in this evenings 4th quarter report. I would hope they would announce what they got for the other 41%. Biudu may have just bought Noumi and felt the other assets of the company where not worth having, or they will decide to take the rest of the company and build upon it since RENN has no debt but as I see it poor management. With B's good management and getting the rest of RENN on a cheap bid, they could steal alot of mobile phone assests in RENN for far less than if they started from scratch. It could be this no news silent period is because the two companies are bickering over price for a buyout. This may become more clear by Wednesday morning.

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