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  • lenloc lenloc Jul 19, 2013 10:31 AM Flag

    Interesting how the Shorter with multiple aliases disappears on up days

    Think he got discouraged after screaming "single digits" to no avail.

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    • I am curious if they have simply found another mREIT board to pummel. If I had the energy to find the recent posts of the people I have on ignore I would probably see that they have descended upon another board.

      I am interested to see if my estimate that the 30% drop was a huge over reaction. I am thinking a 7% to 9% drop in value was warranted from interest rate moves. Some of my other posts about duration show the 7 to 9% drop. Granted, I applied my personal understanding to these calculations and I might be way off when it comes to valuing portfolios.

      We still have this to contend with in the future. Fed stimulus, they might say we are dropping bond buying by 5 bil and mortgage purchases by 5 bil so from 40 and 40 to 35 and 35. And the mREIT sector will squirt themselves in horror and start running around and bumping into each other. And I will be standing their like #$%$ as my value drops again. In the mean time I have saved up 2 months of divs, I think on the 3rd month I will buy another chunk of JMI.

      I almost bought more around 13.15 then it went to 12.90 and I was happy I didn't, then jumped back to where it is now. This is asinine market behavior.

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