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  • stock_option_investor stock_option_investor Feb 10, 2007 11:42 PM Flag

    ouch - current run is over

    Sorry, you are correct, and I didn't specify. What I meant to post was that all the WizeTrade lights have turned RED. The 60-minute chart (60-minute intervals), 90-minute, 120, 180, 260, Short-Term (Days), Mid-term (Weeks), and Long Term (months).

    There are 20 partitions in WizeTrade, so if you are looking at the "Short-Term (Days)" chart, you are looking at a 20-day adjusted average (adjusted based on the price, volume, and type of buying/selling pressure). The one that I find most useful is the Mid-Term (20-weeks) chart. That gets me away from the day-to-day static and pinpoints major changes in direction. That one just fell on 2/5/2007.

    The shorter term charts can give you an indication of a building trend, but until it hits the "weeks" chart, it may just drop out or get swallowed up by something else.

    If nothing else, here is a good benchmark to check WizeTrade on, and you can see if the stock heads south from here.

    I'd never sell a stock like CROX short, that could be deadly. But I'm happy to sell the shares that I have long, and wait for a chance to buy them back at a discount. Hopefully - I won't get that chance, because I'd like to see the stock keep going up, but if it dips, I'll buy when the charts go green again.

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