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  • onafunjourney onafunjourney Jun 8, 2007 12:18 PM Flag

    Knowing vs. Thinking

    Anyone who wears the shoes, and listens to the conference calls and can make an accurate assesment as to what resonates with the public - KNOWS what this company is going to do long-term.

    If you don't wear the shoes - you are only thinking, guessing and that is an inferior method to knowing.

    We don't have to argue - time will tell. Then we will all KNOW...

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    • Feel free to speak up if any cloney shoe actually feels the same as the real thing.OH kids, lets go buy some clones today.OH whoopee' MOM, NOT.

    • I'm keeping this stock through many a splits. This stock is just in the beginning stage of what it can do!! Mid range price on shoes. All demographics buying!! Do your own DD and you will see!! I will be buying more on dips. Good Luck everyone!!

    • I went to Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall Today - the Crocs kiosk.

      Both my kids wanted Scutes in their favorite colors and I let them each get 1 Jibbitz. Also bought a hat, socks and Crocsbutter - have to experiment with the products!

      Spent $87 in all.

      The manager told me a lady had come in last night. She apparently had a lot of money and was not concerned about cost. She was buying Jibbitz by the handfull, not counting them - just grabbing bunches and having the cashier ring it up. That's high margin stuff and totally incremental revenue. He also told me there is a new kiosk at a mall in Tucson that is 1-2 months old. Those numbers will all be new additions when Q2 earnings are announced.

      My mom went to lunch yesterday with a distant cousin of hers and was walking around downtown when my mom noticed the lady had Crocs. They talked about it and she said she'd bought them to wear around the house but they were so comfortable she wears them all around. She KNOWS Crocs comfort.

      The funny thing is that to KNOW Crocs you'd have to buy the shoes. But shorts don't buy the shoes because they "think" they know. And, if they go out and buy the shoes they will be helping the stock.

      Shorts are like blind people playing black jack and know one is telling them what the cards in their hands are - so they make uniformed guesses.

      In reality we are telling you shorts what is in the cards. You don't beleive us because that is your nature. But after your betting pool is dwindled you will KNOW.

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